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Instagram’s Algorithm Has Changed, So Should Your Self-Promotion Campaigns

Instagram algorithm 2022

If you have noticed a drop in likes and comments on your Instagram posts this year, it can be easy to assume that no one cares about your music anymore. To recapture your audience, get your head out of the digital sand and brush up on how to appease Instagram’s brand-new 2022 algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm determines what shows up on feeds, reels, explore pages and hashtag pages. To do this, the algorithm analyses every image, video and reel uploaded to the platform by looking at captions, image alt-text, hashtags, and engagement metrics. The aim of this cross-referencing isn’t to censor; it is to put the right content in front of the right people to make it harder for users to tear themselves away from the app.

There are numerous ranking factors within the current Instagram algorithm. The three main ones are viewer interest, relevancy and the relationship between the content poster and viewer. Considering mutual follows, private messaging history, comments history, and all other forms of repeated interaction.

How Artists Can Master the Instagram Algorithm in 2022 

It is still the case that Instagram promotes high-quality and engaging content in 2022. However, there are additional rules that you have to play by if you want to make the most out of your Instagram campaigns.

For the best chances of gaining significant traction and getting your posts in front of more of your followers, here are some of the best ways to go about it.

1.        Brush Up on the Community Guidelines

Posting ‘edgy’ content on Instagram is a surefire way of ensuring that you get shadowbanned or banned entirely. It may not be rock n roll to respect the community guidelines by refraining from getting political or posting anything people could take offence to. However, it will help you to promote your music in the long run. Even if your posts fall into the grey area of ‘acceptable’, you risk being ‘down-ranked’ or hidden entirely.

2.        Get Reel

Following the hype of TikTok, Instagram has moved away from solely being a photo-sharing app. By jumping on the trend of reels, you will boost the visibility of ALL your Instagram content. Reels can be an excellent tool for music marketing; rather than just posting video teasers of your new music that feature in the gallery, create reel teasers of your new music or give your fans some ‘behind the scenes/song’ content to gaze at.

If you are struggling with new content ideas, recycle older video material. Instagram reels have opened up a whole new world for engagement – some of the most popular viral videos are from clips that are years or even decades old!

3.        Don’t Post Prematurely

This secret to appeasing the Instagram algorithm isn’t new, but it is still crucial for artists to consider in 2022. Scheduling posts for the right time is one of the best ways to boost engagement and ensure maximum organic reach – which means there will be less need to pay for sponsored posts!

Regardless of what some blogs will tell you, there isn’t a universal best time of day to post your Instagram stories, videos, and reels. Instead, you will have far greater success if you use a tool such as Hootsuite Dashboard to analyse your audience’s behaviour.

4.        Engage Your Followers

Like independent music, Instagram is all about the community, as proven by the importance of engagement to the Instagram algorithm. Stop trying to seek adoration and start trying to start a conversation. If you’re struggling to engage your followers, review your captions; are they worth responding to? Or are they a dead conversational end?

Comments are one of the most powerful engagement signals to Instagram’s algorithm; likes, shares, and saves also do their part. For perspective, engaging 1 – 5% of your audience is considered “good engagement”, and remember, responding to direct messages is just as important as responding to comments on your posts!

5.        Don’t Be Lazy or Spammy with Your Hashtags

With hashtags, less is more, and quality should always be above quantity. Even though you can add up to 30 tags per post, limit yourself to 7 – 10.

If there is anything that the Instagram algorithm knows like the back of its metaphysical hand, it is hashtags. Your first port of call is to ensure that all hashtags are descriptive and accurate – Instagram will know if they aren’t! Always play to your niche with hashtags. Never use generic music hashtags; dig deep into your respective niche with ample consideration for your genre and audience.

6.        Keep Your Posting Frequency Consistent

If you take long stints away from Instagram and only pop up to promote a new single or a new tour, this will massively impede the reach of the posts and reels you DO post. Once again, there is a fine line between being spammy and posting far too infrequently.

Bands and artists should attempt to update their Instagram profiles 3 – 5 a week, and keep in mind that just because you CAN automatically share your posts to Facebook from Instagram, this isn’t always the best course of action. If you want your fans to follow you and engage with you across all channels, give them a reason to by mixing up your content.

For your best chances of boosting engagement go live at least once a week and stick to a content schedule. With tools such as Hootsuite planners, you can schedule your posts in advance for the coming weeks or even months!

7.        Get Analytical

It is easy to get caught up in vanity metrics; one of the best ways to avoid this is by using analytical tools, which can tell you what kind of content your audience will come back for.

Using analytical tools may initially sound like a lot of extra work but think of all the wasted time and effort you would spend on unsuccessful posts otherwise.

Along with telling you when your audience is online, analytical tools will point out which posts, reels, and stories are accruing real engagement, which of your hashtags are working for you, and which ones aren’t!

Amelia Vandergast

Instagram Post Ideas for Artists

Social media is an arena where independent artists frequently choke up and stumble. Writing the best lyrics and melodies almost seems easy compared to attracting an attentive and engaged audience – that is before we even start with how platforms quash the reach of some artists posts.

If you’re struggling with post ideas, we’ve outlined 5 of the top Instagram post ideas for new artists. However, It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating the best content for YOUR audience.

Some audiences would love nothing more than seeing a cat sitting on an amp, while others will appreciate behind the scenes footage in the practice room more, and others will prefer a lengthy blog post that shares your values.

  1. Let Your Audience See Your Creativity

It’s one thing for your audience to experience your music while watching you play a venue or listening to your music on vinyl or Spotify. It is quite another for them to experience a more intimate side of your expression.

This is one more opportunity for you to get creative; you can post a video of you performing cover songs; acoustic renditions of your music; you can show your talent however you see fit; after all, it was your talent that drew them to you in the first place. Flaunt it.

  1. Find Your Sense of Humour

A sense of humour has always been key to social media success; if your creativity has a comedic side, use it to your advantage. You can customise music-related memes that will be relevant to your audience; you can write funny posts or even film funny short videos – if you are feeling brave enough. You don’t always have to be earnest to be taken seriously by your fans; staying humble goes a long way!

  1. No One Likes an Independent Enigma

If the idea of attempting to be funny on social media makes you feel a little uneasy, or you get the impression that your fans are expecting more intimacy, give it to them – not in a creepy way.

Many artists get applauded for their open, honest and unifying approach to connecting with their fans; we’re not saying that you have to air your dirty laundry in public. You can always find ways to express your values on social media to make it easier for your audience to connect to you as a person instead of just as an artist. Don’t worry about alienating potential fans by expressing certain views; people look to artists as thought leaders, and your honesty will be infinitely more valuable and powerful than sheepish silence ever could be.

  1. Give Exclusive Content

Ahead of your official releases, give fans teasers of what is to come by going live in the studio or your practice room.  It’s a great way to keep fans engaged leading up to a seminal release and the perfect opportunity for you to show some personality and flaunt some of your gear to your fellow gearhead fans.

  1. Let Your Audience Get Involved

Communication is a two-way street; increase your engagement by giving your audience a reason to be vocal. For example, you could post a picture of a new piece of gear bragging about it. Or, you could post the picture and ask your fans what their gear preferences are. You can also allow your audience to give you creative input on things such as album art; they will feel as though they have been a positive influence on your life and your music.

A major learning curve for many new independent artists is that you can’t expect to take and give nothing in return to fanbases. Find ways to reward your audience’s social media loyalty by holding exclusive giveaways for your most avid fans – it doesn’t even have to be a major giveaway; an exclusive digital download will do!

If you’re tired of doing self-promo and want to leave it up to the professionals, submit your music to A&R Factory. We are ranked as one of the best music blogs for independent artists; our platform is constantly frequented by high-profile industry figures searching for the best new talent. Our PR Team is also highly experienced in helping independent artists social media campaigns hit the ground running from the first post.

Gentry charms the speakers with sensual debut R&B song ”Work Of Art”

Gentry is a new singer-songwriter and he is here with a sultry R&B track to get you in the mood. This debut song is called ”Work Of Art” and it is steamy to say the least.

Work Of Art” is all about the appreciate of a lovers body and knowing that you two can go far together. You love what you see and just want to be with this person. You just want to keep things simple and make sure that everything is natural.

Gentry has such a smooth style and he definitely knows how to market himself. He has been smart by building up his name for a while via TikTok, Instagram and is now going for it on streaming websites for this new song. I like his voice and the beat is a big winner. ”Work Of Art” is a sultry R&B song that is perfect for those nights where you are with your date and just want to slow dance.

Work Of Art” is the debut song from Gentry and he shows that he is a rising star. This is pure R&B that is going to be very popular with fans of the genre- young and old.

Stream this new sensual R&B track right here on Spotify.

Head to Insta to see more from this artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Vancouver’s Sean Martin Luther Tha P releases groovy ”Come Over” Feat Lyrical Joe, D.O Gizzle, Terry Tha Rapman

You want her to come on over as this is a special woman. This is no drunken fling. This is the real deal. She makes you smile, she makes you happy and you know that this is the right woman. You can feel it in your heart and you can feel it in your fingers. This is afro-fusion Hip Hop/R&B music to get your dance on.

Come Over” is the lead single off Sean Martin Luther Tha P’s brand new ”Pumbah Mixtape” which is dedicated to his wife and has a bunch of artist from different countries all over the world. This is a big effort and this vibe is tight with some party energy to get us dancing. “Come Over” is a good song for 2020 and we are all waiting to be allowed out again. The track is all about flirting with your ideal woman and that incredible feeling. All the artists bring their A-game and the vibe is perfect for summer.

To see more from this artist head through to Sean’s Instagram page.

Stream this song right now via Sean Martin Luther Tha P’s Soundcloud page.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Indie artist Bonsai Bison trims off the edges with ”No Respect”

Bonsai Bison is a musician and visual artist based in East London in the UK. ”No Respect” is the new release for the newcomer in the music scene and this is an enjoyable single.

This is all about getting that respect that you deserve and not settling for anything else. This is a vital way to go about things otherwise you can go crazy. Being manipulated and hearing lame stories all the time that you know aren’t true is no way to live. This is experimental electronic music and I haven’t heard any style like this before. The beat takes me to a strange place and I am reflective and feel like I am in a far away place. Quite a lonely place.

Bonsai Bison is creating a niche for herself and this East London artist doesn’t conform to any particular box which is refreshing to see. There are some creative sampling here and I like the home kind of feel. This is an artist keeping busy during these crazy times and getting better and better.

Check out the Instagram page now for more info.

Click on the Spotify link to hear this new track from East London musician right now and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Oh!” is dazzling new dance-pop single from Nolan G. (feat. Mateo Centeno)

When you care about someone so much but they keeping on pushing back and it makes you wonder why. Perhaps the timing is wrong or they like a few people. Maybe you will never know. Maybe you should go deeper and try and find out what is going on inside. Or is this a road that you shouldn’t go down at all?

Oh!” is the brand spanking new single from Nolan G. (feat. Mateo Centeno) and it took me a few listens to get into it. Once I did however, I started dancing along and even tried out a new dance move in my lounge that I had been itching to do. This is a song all about the person that you care about but you aren’t sure if they feel the same way. Are they just playing you the whole time is the question here. You want them to care for you and if they don’t then the least they can do is let you down carefully and with class. This is a dance pop song that has good energy and I like the teamwork between Nolan and Mateo. They have a good vibe and let’s hope for more fun releases from the young pair.

Follow Nolan G. on his Insta to see when he is doing shows in your town and get a feel for his vibe.

Stream this new song right here on his Spotify and hear more from this talented musician as he improves after each release.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

GrayeScale returns to music game with trapped ”Shower Thoughts”

With an ability to both sing and rap to a very high standard, GrayeScale makes his comeback to the music game with his new single called ”Shower Thoughts”. After almost a year away from music releases, he drops this hauntingly passionate track to remind us of his incredible talent for storytelling.

I can’t work out if GrayeScale ended up getting married as per his 2nd to last Instagram post before the announcement for this new song. What I do know is that this single has so much pain inside and this is a sad song full of regret and negative thoughts. I also know what’s it’s like to be trapped inside your own head and this has all the signs of a man who needs those closest to him to step up.

Shower Thoughts” is a reflective song, full of sorrow and includes some quality singing and slick rapping from the young emcee. GrayeScale paints us a portrait of himself which graphically shows his current predicament of being stuck inside and not knowing how to fully breakout and claim his past exuberance again. This is a song of the highest quality, made with so much hurt, begging for us to unlock the door to his heart, so he may fly free again.

Stream more of this wildly talented artist right here on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen