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Things I’m Told: London’s djamesk13 knows that things aren’t the same as before on ‘This Is The End’

With the entrance bolted shut and the freezing cold wind surging all over his frosty body, djamesk13 wonders what happened to the partner he fell in love with all those years ago on ‘This Is The End‘.

djamesk13 aka David Kemp is a London, UK-based bassist and indie-rock singer-songwriter, who has been so invigorated to make music during these pandemic-fueled times.

I`m just making, creating music when I can, started late last year during Lockdown, just trying to improve, got loads of ideas.” ~ djamesk13

djamesk13 displays his sharp mind and growing inspiration to keep busy intellectually during these depressing times with a sturdy effort filled with much-promise and smartly-pencilled lyrics. He drops a relevant single about a memory of that person who swept you off your feet, who has gone cold like a winters morning in the depths of a Siberian winter.

This Is The End‘ from the London, UK-based indie-rock solo artist and bassist djamesk13, is that sad story about when the passion ends and the door slams behind you forever. The love was so strong for a long time but now but the taste has started to go off like mouldy bread and you know it’s time to toast the good times and move on. Performed with a raw edge that shows a man exploring his sound to get it just right, this is a top effort that has you feeling in a romantically reflective mood.

Hear his new creation on Soundcloud and see more of his vision on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Inspired and focused: Enoka is quite radiant on ‘Salvation’

This is an artist who is inspired and lazer focused: Enoka is quite radiant on ‘Salvation‘, an ode to wanting a better life.

Enoka is a Swedish artist who has been doing vocal demo recordings for producers and artists but now is her time to shine. She is a joy to listen to and the whole combination of music is quite lovely to the soul.

You want a better life, you are tired of the average and want more. You just want to be happy and smiling each day. This is how life should be.

This the calling to the world from a ready woman. Enoka is quite fascinating on her new spiritual single ‘Salvation‘. This is a fine single that shows a maturing artist who is ready to make her own music, She feels free and ready to make as much quality music as possible. This is the start of something special.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen