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Hooker and a Handgun torch up the skeleton’s remains on their high-powered release, ‘Inferno’

Produced by the sublime skills on offer at Washburn Records, Hooker and a Handgun rage in with a seriously intense single that has just dropped off their piping hot new 6-track release with the fiery track that is, ‘Inferno‘.

Hooker and a Handgun is an Ontario, Canada/UK-based indie progressive rock band that makes a hefty blend of staunchly delivered music to vent out any frustration you might be currently feeling.

Making their debut with their new EP Inferno with high energy, heavy riffs and in your face vocals these guys are ready to rock your world.” ~ Hooker and a Handgun

Upping the voltage to deafening levels of unfathomable euphoria for all hardcore rock fans, Hooker and a Handgun show us that they mean business and entertain our shaken speakers while slamming down hard on the accelerator where others have forgotten where the clutch actually is.

Inferno‘ from Ontario, Canada/UK progressive rock act Hooker and a Handgun is a heavy experience that will probably slice your earlobes and ignite a passion inside you that has been taking a sleepy snooze lately. The vocals are raw and fierce, and the soul-smashing soundscape will possibly burn a hole in your fragile soul, as we are taken for a rampaging ride by a band that certainly knows how to scintillate our imaginations.

Sometimes you need a loud song to completely demolish all those pesky self-doubts which ultimately, shall do nothing to help you if you let them linger.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen