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Another Strange Electro Score From The Indycas

Mollywhopp is a strange musical beast but then looking at the back catalogue of The Indycas, they are strange musical creators who seem to revel in and excel at making such mercurial music. Sitting somewhere between futuristic film score, ambient electro, otherworldly symphony and the sound of a computer learning to write music when know one is looking, it is indeed a beguiling experience.

There is a pent up energy running through the track, the feeling that any moment now something dramatic will happen to diffuse and resolve the whole thing as it relentlessly weaves strange alien sounds through classical sweeps and brooding cellos through boisterous beats. Non other than Alfred Hitchcock said that the difference between action and suspense is whether the bomb you saw under the table in act one goes off or not. Which one Mollywhoop turns out to be I will leave up to you the listener.