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Behind the Metal Mask: Mindistry Talks “DOPPELGANGER’

Get ready to dive deep into the sonic abyss with Mindistry as they gear up to drop their electrifying sophomore LP, “DOPPELGANGER.” We sat down with the metal mastermind to talk about the raw inspirations behind the album, balancing hardcore influences, and the thrill of pushing boundaries in the industrial thrash scene. From the original Swedish version to the English translation, Mindistry reveals the emotional and cinematic journeys that fuel their music. With a nod to legendary bands and a fierce dedication to unique sound, this interview is a must-read for metalheads eager to understand the chaos and creativity behind “DOPPELGANGER.

Mindistry, welcome to A&R Factory, thanks for sitting down with us as you gear up for the release of your sophomore LP, DOPPELGANGER, can you tell us about the inspiration behind this album? 

Greetings warriors and thank you for having me! Well, DOPPELGANGER was the first-ever full album I wrote, and originally it was in Swedish. My native tongue. I always wanted to release and English version as well and here we are, months out. The first version is named “KATASTROFTANKAR” (catastrophizing) and was released in 2022.

This version contains the same songs in English and the subject matter of the songs remain the same. It’s about everything from fictional warfare in Gothenburg, Evil Dead 2 & some darker emotional songs as well.

There is no real main inspiration behind it, to be honest. It’s an album of original stories, emotional trauma lyrics and movie tributes.

How will you balance your influences and your unique style in the album?

So since this album was originally written which feels like about 209 years ago now (actually about 4-5) I have levelled up musically quite a bit. The influences are strong and I have always been very upfront about that fact, and I still get to hear it often, haha.

It was purposefully written in the style of specific music to fill the void left behind by another band, “Raubtier”.

I wouldn’t say that I regret taking inspiration from them and “Rammstein”, but I might have done it a bit differently today, which I am with all the new songs I’m working on (due 2025). I hear it all the time that I sound like these two bands, but to me it does not sound THAT similar really.

Thrash fans are often very traditionalist in their tastes, how has your industrialised thrash sound gone down in those fan circles?

Yes, this statement is very true. From the response I’ve gotten so far, from thrash metal to extreme metal fans to pop metal fans it is mostly positive. On TikTok (yes, I have one) there was quite a big drama on some videos regarding the influences, and I found this very entertaining. One guy actually commented months later that he had changed his mind to loving Mindistry which is pretty cool.

You’re currently the only member of Mindistry, do you prefer the creative freedom of working as a lone entity?

Indeed currently it is a one-man army musically. However, there is a machine within Mindistry that consists of me and two others. Photographer, illustrator scheduler Chanel & the best propmaker in his apartment Michael. So we are a team even if I handle the musical parts. Without them Mindistry would not be here, so hail thee my lovely friends.

Did your producer influence the final sound of the LP? 

Yes, definitely! I was such a rookie when recording with Felix (producer), so he definitely influenced the sound but the songs were written by me. He added some flavour here and there, and also plays the amazing solo on “Nightmare”!

What do you hope listeners will take away from the lyrical themes in the album?

I wish they will be able to escape even for a few minutes, enjoy the riffs and melodies, or have fun debating which song I ripped off with themselves or friends. To give entertainment or some small escape would be awesome!

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Interview by Amelia Vandergast