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She’s Crazy: Southern Indiana rockers Blind Perception just know they have dived ‘In Too Deep’

Following up from 2020’s well-received six-track EP named ‘Industrial Raunch‘, Blind Perception busts open the creaking doors down to the ground with the hindsight-heavy track that has you pondering your past encounters on ‘In Too Deep‘.

Blind Perception is a Banger Music and Josie Music award-nominated Southern Indiana-based four-piece indie-rock/blues/southern band who keep it old school good times all the way.

When we create a song, we just go where it takes us. Whatever rock style comes out, so be it.”  ~ Blind Perception

On a whopping beat that tastes so good for our starved palates to dig curiously into, there is so much to bite on here with a song that has you stompin’ your feet to. With ravishingly memorable riffs and soulful vocals – each lyric is totally honest and more than true – as you look back into your own life and shake your head with that all-knowing cheeky grin. Even if you haven’t experienced this feeling of being with the wrong person yourself, we all know someone who has.

In Too Deep‘ from the highly entertaining and free-spirited Southern Indiana indie southern rock act Blind Perception, is a regret-filled track about being with the wrong woman who clawed strenuously at your underwhelmed soul, and took many pieces to greedily claim forever. With some sensational solo’s at every rum-soaked corner – this is a wild child plunge of a release – which has you feeling so reflective about those life changing moments you come across in life.

Be careful who you give your heart to is the message here, as those lustful moments can certainly shatter your heart soon enough.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen