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Be kind to that healing heart: Indigos untwist the sad soul with ‘Don’t Blame Yourself’

Taken off their upcoming album ‘Always. Whenever‘, Indigos rock into the front door with the riveting new single of hope that tells us not to ‘Don’t Blame Yourself‘.

Indigos are a reinvigorated original three-piece indie alt-rock band from Cheltenham in the UK. They brilliantly make that swashbuckling atmospheric music that has your curious heart beating at so many knots, the skipper will need to lay down the anchor.

His voice echos through your inspired speakers and the bellowing thunder from the guitars and drums leave an impression that will be hard to shake off. This is a band that are born for festivals and after being limited in what they could perform before as a cover act, this horrid covid-19 lock-down has opened up the gates to three men who know what their path is now. To make their own music and never look back.

Even if you have made mistakes and been with the wrong person, we can indeed do better and not be too harsh on ourselves. The right person is there, we just need to be patient and not just be with anyone as that weakens the soul. Looking back for excuses isn’t going to wait, instead we need to seek where your heart will be safe and looked after.

Don’t Blame Yourself‘ from Cheltenham alt-rockers Indigos is a diamond in the rough that has just been found. The palpable enthusiasm thrust into their soundscape roller coaster is very apparent, as you feel that they have a taste for original music now and might never go back to being a cover act.

Their charismatic blend of ear-blessing music has your body moving gloriously, as you heal yourself from the past and look to the future-just like life should be.

Check out the song on YouTube, hear them on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen