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Living in the moment: Black + White TV drop passionate alt-rock single ‘Song 60’

Black + White TV use their music remote and turn on their new single for us to enjoy via the fascinating track called ‘Song 60‘.

New alt-rock band Black + White TV sing and play with such purpose and passion, each lyric and guitar strum is magnificently entered into the realm of the world; with a pure precision that makes you admire this act.

You feel an element of punk rock rolling in as they skid onto the stage with an undeniable class that is so rare in modern music. His riveting vocals make you listen extra intently as the excellent guitar soundscape rolls you into the wave that leads you to shore, after the backwash of 2020 that was unforgiving to anyone weak.

This is the story about how the world has been so grey and its easy to give up and just fly away from it all. You want to stay positive and live again the way you once loved, being out and about with mates but right now you know you need to reflect, build and ride out the storm.

Song 60‘ from Black + White TV is a high octane affair, full of twists and turns, dark moments and wanting that true love. This is a quality act who have just burst onto the scene and must be itching to play their new material live in those sweaty bars and clubs that make legends out of you.

Stream this top single on Spotify and see their spectacular visuals via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Wordsmen have made their debut with the feisty Indie Alt Rock earworm “Spilt”

Exeter-based Alt Rock newcomers The Wordsmen have made their debut with the alchemically volatile single Spilt and brought a playfully abrasive edge back to Indie Alt Rock.

Spilt kicks off with hazy choral tones before the sardonically visceral vocals kick in. From there on out, you’re left to follow The Wordsmens’ tremulous pace which makes predictability an impossibility from the first hit. But considering that Spilt is an earworm which practically begs for repeat attention, you’ll be well acquainted with the energetic hit in no time.

It may be a little harder than usual to muster enthusiasm for debut singles from up and coming bands, but if you’ve got a shred of enthusiasm in you, invest it by hitting play on Spilt. You’ll be generously rewarded by their energetic infusion of Indie, Punk and Garage Rock.

I shouldn’t even need to tell you to get this band on your radar.

You can check out the debut release from The Wordsmen for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


”Miniature Cyclops” from California Punk band Dads Under Where rock in with eccentric release

Dads Under Where is a psychedelic rock band from Sacramento with punk, grunge, and math rock influences featuring manic theatrics that uncovers your inner rock n’ roller. ”Miniature Cyclops” .

The Californian 3-piece full of long shaggy hair and gritty guitar riffs, ice up with some gruff vocals illuminates the speakers. ”Miniature Cyclops” is a very eccentric song full of old school 90’s punk rock sounds. That era was a real top shelf time to be listening to this type of music. Dads Under Where would of fitted in well during this time as their music is fantastic.

With drums, vocals and guitar being the centerpieces here, the Sacramento outfit slam in sliding on the greasy dance floor. Dads Under Where bring back the fun of punk rock with a raving set up drums to set up the mood splendidly on ”Miniature Cyclops”.

Stream this new rocking track here on their Spotify music channel.

Check out the band’s Facebook page to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Play Center – 2020: The Ultimate Scuzzy Indie Punk Rock Sign of the Times

Atlanta GA-based Alt-Rock trailblazers Play Center released the official video to their latest single 2020 on June 29th, any fans of the Alt 90s sound will want the scuzzy and absorbingly vitriolic Indie Punk Rock hit in their ears.

There may be reminiscences to the likes of Sonic Youth and Mud Honey in 2020 but Play Center revived their distorted friction-soaked sound with brand-new all too relatable angst and raw energy which would have the capacity to lead the crowd into a frenzy. Gigs may not be happening right now, but when they are, you’ll want the misleadingly-titled powerhouse on your radar.

You can check out the official video to Play Center’s single 2020 for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

There will be plenty more to come from Play Centre in 2020 and beyond. Follow them via Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with their latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast