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Bad Wolf peeks behind closed doors in his latest nu-disco single, ‘Curfew at the Disco’

While plenty of us sulked about the inaccessibility of dancefloors and lack of like-minded community, Philippines-based artist and producer Bad Wolf imagined what went on behind closed doors while creating his latest melodically tropic single, Curfew at the Disco.

After the release of his debut single, If I Can Make You Dance, in January 2021, he was scouted by MojoHeadz Records and inspired to release at least ten new singles in 2021. Based on Curfew at the Disco, we can expect plenty more soul-oozing DAW-created grooves from the artist who is quickly becoming renowned for painting with metropolitan strokes and with kaleidoscopically urban colour.

Curfew at the Disco unravels as a mix of euphoria-evoking nu-disco and roots deep techno that allows Bad Wolf to invite you into his imagination where you can explore the intimacy of the house parties which happened while dancefloors and venues gathered dust. The air of hedonist rebellion runs right through Curfew at the Disco, right next to the influence from indie dance and 80s Japanese City pop.

Curfew at the Disco officially released on May 3rd; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud. Connect with Bad Wolf via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Staying Up All Night: The Sleeping Man Awakes captures the moment perfectly on ‘A.T.M.O.T.’

With a sweeping sound that knocks all the cobwebs out of your sleepy brain, The Sleeping Man Awakes takes us a for a star-gazing high on his mesmerizing new single called ‘A.T.M.O.T.’

Blackpool-born, Stockport in Manchester-based The Sleeping Man Awakes, is a focused EDM producer/writer, who pushes the boundaries of what is consciously possible with a wondrous fusion of magnificent ear-bending soundscapes, to satisfy your eager ears for healing through music.

He lifts the lid off and back on again at the same time, with a warping energy of a man who has experienced the energetic highs and bone-snapping lows of the music world, his sound is uplifting and dark at the same time. You imagine listening to this at a now-closed nightclub, the electric crowd alive like hungry vampires, their music thirst like none other as they let their bodies take them wherever the music goes.

A.T.M.O.T.’ from Manchester-based The Sleeping Man Awakes, is a spectacular amalgamation of luscious sounds morphed into an impressive array of dance beats, that will certainly catch your attention rather quickly.

Dazzle your ears on Spotify and find out more about his fascinating musician on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Play pretend: Upstate New York’s Nocturnal Houses vividly dream of changed minds on the sparkling ‘Going Home with Him’

Meshed together by lovely nostalgic sounds of synth, funk, and disco with a little sprinkle of tasty pop, Nocturnal Houses are quite self-reflective on their latest single called ‘Going Home with Him‘.

Nocturnal Houses are a compelling Upstate New York-based indie-EDM duo, who mesh that quality taste into your soul, that satisfies every sinew of your body, as they have that crisply designed music that uplifts any mood.

This is the story of wishing your friend wouldn’t choose that particular person on a night out, as you don’t like their energy for some reason and wish they would choose to party with you instead. Your mind is mixed, while you pretend that nothing is wrong but inside your heart is burning like acid as you know that it won’t last, as your friend wastes their time while you wonder at the moments that could of been.

Her voice is sultry and freshly toned, each word is with such meaning, as the catchy beat lands into your mind to have your head grooving and your body moving. You remember when this moment happened to you and you just wanted to spend time with your special human, who instead disappears when you turn your back.

Going Home with Him‘ is that striking self-reflective story from this fascinating Upstate New York duo, who superbly portray this all-too-common story, into a sweet song that will make you a bit sad, while making you shake your head at the times you let lust take over and should of changed your mind.

Stream this top new song here on Spotify and see their social vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Go to the music: Winston Wayne and DLP Dolapo help us face our fears on ‘Unknown To Man’ (ft. Rose Beef and Maartje)

Winston Wayne & DLP Dolapo are back with the riveting new single called ‘Unknown To Man‘ (ft. Rose Beef and Maartje) that will have you tapping your feet and thinking deeply about current events, via the sumptuous beat.

Winston Wayne & DLP Dolapo are an exciting two piece indie-dance act who have brought in Rose Beef and Maartje, to make a formidable 4-piece team of musicians, who make that trance-like sound, that beats at your heart and makes you gaze outside, distracting yourself from the world as it is being portrayed on television.

This is the story about getting closer to the music when the world is falling all around you, getting your senses trained so you can ignore all the unnecessary noise, violence and false media that suffocates the airwaves. They sing about going to the music and never ever letting go, as this is the healing energy that you need to drink from, the pure sound of sonic soundscapes that purifies everything inside you mind, body and soul.

Unknown To Man‘ (ft. Rose Beef and Maartje) from Winston Wayne & DLP Dolapo is a guiding song that helps us forget about the riots, masks and wild events happening before our eyes. Things are unknown now but through quality music, together we can overcome anything and rise up much stronger, so this never happens again.

Watch this mysterious music video on YouTube and see more about their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pandemonium for our bodies to savor: Alexander Paris does it his way on the color-filled party tune ‘Neon’

Alexander Paris shines his light bright with a torch-lit thunderbolt to wake up those sleepy senses that have been awaiting quality dance music on his new single ‘Neon‘.

Indie-dance creative producer wizard Alexander Paris is a man who makes music that is fun to the listener and uplifts your mood to unimaginable heights of pure bliss. He has that inner enjoyment of life entrenched inside his bones and you can feel his unmistakable energy while engrossing yourself in his sensational creation.

Our ears will grunge and your soul will rave- Alexander Paris

This is the vivid party story of wanting to feel so free on that slippery night club floor with so many flashing lights and sweaty bodies, as you dance like your life depended on it. This is the wild night where you make best friends for that one evening, hugging and shouting excited noises at each other, while you jump around until your feet can’t take it anymore. This is the best feeling imaginable and one where you feel exhausted the next day but is a time you know you enjoyed, even if it might be a bit hazy the next day.

The beat only gets better and better as the song builds like a free climber up a monstrous mountain, you think you have found the cliff and then you see more. His voice is so full of belief and he feels that this where he belongs-inside the music and with fellow like-minded souls that just want to dance and forget their worries for one night.

Neon‘ from Alexander Paris is an illuminating dance entry that is exactly the type of song that we need to skip back into step and find our groove again. Living for that dance floor pandemonium is one way to stay alive, deep inside your soul.

Fire up your mood on Soundcloud and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Caverns creates beauty with her boyfriend on ‘Moonlight’

Los Angeles artist Caverns is here with her new song called ‘Moonlight‘.

This song is a collab with her boyfriend that was made during quarantine. It was inspired by some daydreams of dancing in the forest with our friends. It’s a very unique, uplifting dance track that the world needs right now and I love the vibe here.

With the drums, sounds of crickets and wolves in the background, I have a really good feeling about this song. The style is so mellow and is of trying to find peace during this crazy time in the world. I feel at ease here, my stresses are very mild as I use this song during mediation. Everything seems so calm now.

Moonlight‘ from LA artist Caverns and her boyfriend is an uplifting experience and I love this indie-dance song that puts a smile on all of our faces. Just the way it was intended.

Pre-save here.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

YayRaven – Norma Jeane: A fittingly decadent Alt Dance Pop ode Marilyn Monroe

London-based artist and songwriter YayRaven has dropped her electrically fresh feat of Alt Indie RnB Dance Pop “Norma Jeane”.

While many songs have been written as odes to Norma Jeane (Marilyn Monroe), they’ve mostly been done by creepy old dudes. YayRaven created a fittingly decadent Alt Dance Hit which exudes all the attitude you could imagine Marilyn Monroe possessing.

Norma Jeane is one of the finest testaments to YayRaven’s songwriting talent we’ve heard so far. There’s a tangible sense that YayRaven locked into the icon’s psyche, style, and harrow while penning the lyrics. And that’s all without mentioning the adrenalizing 162 bpm beats which make Norma Jeane as danceable as it is connectable, soulful and irrefutably ingenious.

You’ll be able to check out Norma Jeane for yourselves via YayRaven’s Bandcamp page from May 1st.

Review by Amelia Vandergast