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Drift away with the fiercely dreamy ardour within Mums Favourite’s latest single, Loveboat

Carrying the atmosphere and attitude of Honeyblood, The Breeders and Throwing Muses, the indie rock nostalgists Mums Favourite gave vintage bluesy soul an injection of punk visceralism with their latest single, Loveboat.

After lulling you into a false sense of dreamy and lofty ambient security, rancour starts to rile in the riotously clever production, which lyricist and lead vocalist Sasha Theunissen always keeps command of with her dynamically captivating vocal range.

After taking their sound which stands at the vanguard of alt-indie ingenuity around the world since their 2017 inception, the Adelaide-hailing quintet has established itself as an outfit for anyone who harnesses a proclivity for aural curveballs. Executing an archetypal track to this superlative level would be an achievement, but with the experimentalism it contains, it is clear to see that the trailblazing outfit has a career which reaches the pinnacle of promising.

Loveboat was officially released on November 8th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Derek Vaden – Eating My Words: Blisteringly Hot Indie Blues Rock

The sex appeal isn’t the only thing that’s visceral in the swaggering alt-rock single, Eating My Words, from Derek Vaden’s 2022 EP, The Recreational Experiment. The Chicago-based musician and songwriter salaciously straddles the line between blues rock and indie to deliver a hard and heavy rhythmic revival; if Velvet Revolver and Muse had an aural lovechild, it would undoubtedly go under the moniker, Derek Vaden.

The winding blues rock increments are overdriven to the nth degree to give the riotous release anthemic appeal, but none of the vintage blues rock tones lost their bluesy bite. If anything, teeth have been sharpened in this confrontationally volatile release, which was written, performed, and recorded by Derek Vaden’s reverently rock n roll hands in his own studio.

Check out Eating My Words on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sailing off on a ‘Sea Of Change’ with the Star Prairie Project

The Star Prairie Project – named as a portmanteau of the village of Star Prairie in Minneapolis and the Alan Parsons Project – is the project of songwriter Nolen R. Chew Jr along with a collective of musicians and producers from around the US and Europe.

‘Sea Of Change’ is the first single from the project’s second album ‘Surreal’, released on the 18th December. The Star Prairie Project’s first album, released in July, has already ratcheted up over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify, with the single ‘Frantic Mind’ reaching #36 on the iTunes Top 100 Rock Chart.

Fresh, light, americana-meets-rock, ‘Sea Of Change’ is part-Lemonheads, part-Jayhawks, with a touch of Tom Petty guitar jangliness thrown in for good measure. It’s catchy, poppy without being disposable, with a nicely wah-driven guitar solo and a cute little middle-eight before the sing-along chorus carries you away once more.

Check out The Star Prairie Project’s latest release via Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

High school friends Ottoman Turks rolls the window down with ”Apathy”

Texas Blues Rock outfit Ottoman Turks are back with a road journey track of the highest order with ”Apathy” off State Fair Records.

This is a 4 piece, tell-your-neighbors and their cousins rock and roll family band from Dallas. They describe their music as outlaw country garage rock that certainly kicks the beer chugging into action. Drinking, dancing, rocking music is the main theme here with the American act. They guys have been a band since 2009 and after recording their first music in a bathroom. After a few changes the Granada Theater gig in Dallas during the summer of 2018 changed everything with label backing.

Inspired by legends Slow Moving Snakes, 40 Acre Mule, Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner, Vandoliers, this is a band that has so many fuses while they spiral it all together as they have some jazz in them too. I like how the band know what each other are going to do next.

Apathy” is a terrific track that keeps you interested throughout and the Texas band Ottoman Turks impress here.

Stream this terrific track via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Indie-blues singer AJ inspires us all with new song ”Bottom Of The Blue”

Sometimes things happen during the worst of times. You might doubt yourself and feel that you are not talented enough to write a song or sing. Then, you get this urge to do the thing you haven’t done yet. Try. I have just been inspired by an artist who has done so much in 3 months that it actually blows my mind. This is the story of AJ and her song ”Bottom Of The Blue”.

With an indie-blues country type of feel, you can’t help but fall in love with AJ. She made a change and used her fear to make something so special. This is what this song is all about. Being at the bottom and having the courage to rise to the top by trying. She has developed into a fine singer-songwriter in such a short space of time and that is so impressive.

AJ’s vocal ability is in full swing here and her voice makes the hairs on my arms stand up in excitement. ”Bottom Of The Blue” might end up as a movie one day. This is the story of courage and heart to break through your mind. Conquering your fears and making beautiful music.

Stream this quality song on Spotify for your ears pleasure.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Indulge in the Indie Blues Rock Escapism Offered by Bazile Mills’ Single “Flying at Night”

With lyrical wit which could rival Nick Cave’s and a timelessly hypnotic rhythmic allure, Bazile Mills’ standout Indie Blues Rock single Flying at Night is a masterful feat of aural escapism which you’re going to want to delve into.

There may be plenty of odes paid to the roots of Rock n’ Roll, yet within the extended length of the progressive single, you’ll find plenty of affirmations that Bazile Mills’ ingenuity deserves space on the airwaves in 2020.

While the vocals offer soul and connectable passion, the tonally warm winding Americana instrumentals will leave even staunchest of audiophiles enamoured. The Blues guitar solos really are something else.

You can check out Flying at Night for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gaman – Well Wishers: Antagonistically Immersive Indie Blues Rock

I’m fairly certain that there has never been an Indie Rock song as bitter-sweet as up and coming artist Gaman’s single “Well Wishers”. There’s a jangly, playful quintessential charm to the punchy and Blues-steeped prelude, yet, then the slightly antagonistic and infinitely endearing vocals kick in. The term “expressive” gets bound around a lot with music, yet, the creative catharsis becomes increasingly more palpable as Well Wishers progresses. Get ready to meet your new Indie Rock earworm which packs plenty of raucously indulgent rhythm into the slightly archetypal melody, Gaman may have played it safe with their Indie Rock sound, but this just adds to the accessibility of Well Wishers which is just one of the tracks from their debut EP “Soul Daddy”.

You can check out Well Wishers along with the rest of the tracks from Gamans’ EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast