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She Keeps It Real: Los Angeles rapper Ali Elohim loves how she moves on ‘One of a Kind’

After the success of his first single ‘ICE‘, Ali Elohim returns with a mood-relaxing track all about meeting someone quite incredible, who has you going out of your way as you feel like you have met the most loyal woman in the world with ‘One of a Kind‘.

Ali Elohim is a Los Angeles, California-based indie trap artist. He makes a catchy blend of modern soundscapes which are formulated from his true soul, as his peaceful mixture combines just right into your mind like a happy meal.

Originally hailing from San Jose, Ali now resides in Los Angeles, CA where he rebranded and started fresh after changing his music style and overall aesthetic in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2020.” ~ Ali Elohim

With a totally smooth voice that has your head nodding super slowly, you feel his vivid picture of the girl who he can’t stop thinking about. In his glowing eyes, she is like a beautiful mermaid who has come up to help him grow and be the best version of himself possible. The soothing beat has you in a glorious groove, with touching lyrics showing someone who is in the romantic zone of heartfelt love.

Here to burn, not flicker.” ~ Ali Elohim

One of a Kind‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based indie trap rapper Ali Elohim, is a sizzling-with-love new single which has your delighted heart shining so brightly as you kiss so passionately. This is the loved up release we needed to hear, which is all about that moment when you meet someone so special – while she has you in a gaze of permanent smiles – that can’t be washed away. Made with a cheeky glance and a bless-filled look up above as you appreciate this moment and are so grateful, that someone so special has entered your life.

When you meet that soulmate, you just know and should never let them go.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Superlative Ice – Backdoor: Not for The Faint Hearted.

Superlative Ice or otherwise known as Cameron Mayne is an underground Hip Hop & Rap artist from Compton, United States. Being from Compton Cameron is in no short supply of competition in the rap scene. Yet with Backdoor he’s created a standout hit that from the rest. Once you start to listen to the lyrics, you’ll soon see why. As I naively hit play on the track tiled ‘Backdoor’ I enjoyed the rhythm, the flow, the celebration of melodic resonant sound and reached a state of ubiquitous zen.

Until it dawned on me, that this may have been the most crassly misogynistic tracks I’ve ever had the experience of listening to. Sure, chauvinism is common place in the Hip Hop Rap scene and guns, bitches and bling are part of the fundamental elements of most rap stylings but the lyrics to Backdoor take it just one step too far and are bordering on the grotesque and I can’t wholeheartedly condone the conscious condescension towards women in music in the 21st century.

Whilst Cameron’s sound may not be my cup of tea, for the less easily offended you can check out his hit (if you dare) on the SoundCloud link below: