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JURAKHAN has made his dark electronic hip hop debut with his FLNCH EP.

Indo-Caribbean alt-rap artist JURAKHAN has dropped his debut EP, FLNCH, the opening track, MAAR, is instrumentally visceral, raw and heavy enough to merit Pendulum comparisons, but when it comes to the rough and ready rap bars, fans of old school hip hop will appreciate the domineering grit.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Insane Clown Posse started producing cyberpunk hip hop, you’ll get a good idea of what is on offer when you delve into this darkly arresting release orchestrated by the composer, rapper, producer and instrumentalist.

JURAKHAN’s sound may be dark and aggressive, but as an artist, he creates music that speaks to others for unification, activism and understanding. We can’t wait to see how he’ll use his platform and evolve his sound in 2021 and in years to come.

JURAKHAN’s EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Social activist and hip hop artist FONZO will show you the Power of Your Mind with his second single.

Last year, Tracy California-hailing artist and social activist FONZO dropped their debut single, ‘For the Kids’ and introduced the world to his socially aware approach to hip hop. Their sophomore single, The Power of Your Mind’, created in collaboration with Yung Ricc, is the second hit of FONZO’s infectiously upraising style, and the timing couldn’t be better.

As the mainstream media sells us depression and hate breeds on social media, Power of Your Mind switches the narrative and acts as a powerful mindful reminder that dreams only come true if you follow them. The simple message is made all the more convincing by the energising beats which blast beneath FONZO’s forcefully friendly bars.

Many artists attempt high vibe music only to end up selling themselves as wolves in sheep’s clothing but there is an empowering sincerity in Power of Your Mind, assuring you that FONZO followed the advice he offers in the anthemic mix.

Power of Your Mind is the second single released from FONZO’s upcoming debut album, ‘High Gravity’; any fans of 2Pac, Eminem and Ice Cube will want FONZO on their radar before it drops.

Power of Your Mind is available to stream via Spotify. You can check out FONZO’s debut single and connect with the artist via Facebook and Instagram

Watch the official trailer to the video:

Review by Amelia Vandergast