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Smoke That Fills the Sky latest release by Ian Alexander

Coming Home by Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander has reinvented the concept album. Whilst in their heyday the controversial beast would spread across an unnecessary amount of sides of vinyl and employ clichéd devices, long solos and fantasy narratives, Alexander has changed the rules. Guitar led, EP length, instrumental albums which mange to embrace numerous musical ideas but which still get you home in time for supper.

His music is deft and dexterous without being complex and self-aggrandising, it is blends progressive styles, jazz vibes and soulful pop grooves but manages to do so in the most natural of ways. It is emotive and upbeat, sleek and fun, not a word that was banded around too much by the time you were on side 17 of an early King Crimson epic. If only progressive music had been this sassy first time around, the world would be a very different place.