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I Am Grounded: The Eighty Six Seas drops timeless new track I Need My Girl (ft. Elly Kace and Straight Pepper Diet)

Doing rather remarkable things to surprise himself and all listeners, The Eighty Six Seas covers The National on his brand new release called I Need My Girl (ft. Elly Kace and Straight Pepper Diet) 

The Eighty Six Seas aka Nick Stevens is a Brooklyn-based alternative folk-pop singer-songwriter who after seven years living in Boston, finds his soul alive in new sounds which are inspiring his every move.

Stevens was studying at the University of Connecticut when he first started crafting songs, finding his footing as a solo folk artist and later cutting his teeth with indie rock collective The Condescending Foxes.” ~ Nick Stevens

Urging us all to never forget who is truly important in this rather tempting planet, The Eighty Six Seas soaks all of our worries away in an instant here. Pure and taking us to the pacifying waters away from evil, this is a rather excellent effort from all angles.

I Need My Girl from Brooklyn-based alternative folk-pop singer-songwriter The Eighty Six Seas is a relaxing single to change many mixed moods with. Offering us so much hope and love, this is a catchy anthem for all the right reasons. With softly spoken words and kind exuberance, we find an uncorrupted song to wash all worries away.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen