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I Just Want Some Company: waxx is that vital thirst-quencher for the ladies on ‘Juice’

As he looks deep into her fluttering eyelashes while that rendezvous idea floats happily in his mind, waxx is all about that smooth flow as he senses that this is his time to eat via his new single ‘Juice‘.

waxx is a hungry underground solo artist who prefers to keep his location hidden currently as he secretly maps out his voyage to the top of the game.

After his previous releases from 2021 called ‘Tear Dropz(feat. Dabig Von), ‘Happier(feat. Trappy Mak), ‘Thursday Freestyle’ (ft. Rxch Deezy, Trappy Mak), and ‘Mornin Sunshine‘, we find waxx showing us all that incredible potential that seems to be intertwined naturally within his potent lyrics as he figures out exactly who he wants to be in this ever-changing world filled with pitfalls.

I’m sick of being broke.” ~ waxx

Juice‘ from the young and intriguing bar-heavy waxx, is a statement track from a ravenous artist who is tired of ingesting the average scraps that have been available lately. He is all business here on a saucy single all about letting his crush know that he is ready to make her night, as he flows with much confidence with a terrific beat attached that takes you back to the good old days.

Listen to this fresh new single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Have To Leave You Far Away: Classy Santa Cruz pop artist Alexis Hana takes back her crown on ‘Savage’

Produced by well-respected music producer Antonio Tucci Jr, Alexis Hana assuredly shows us that she means business and won’t let anyone take her for a fool again on the electrically-charged single ‘Savage‘.

Alexis Hana is a hungry-for-realness indie-pop artist from sunny Santa Cruz, California. She makes that straight up fresh vibe that is about life, love and that all-too familiar emotional heartbreak, that so many of us unfortunately face.

Alexis started out in bars and coffee shops in 2016 venturing to some of the top venues in LA including, The Mint, and The Hotel Cafe and The Peppermint Club.” ~ Alexis Hana

After impressively fighting hard to gain respect in a music world which can sometimes show you the dingy alleys – of false promises and sketchy stories you need to forget quickly – she shows so much growth and stunning desire, with an outstanding vocal ability and heartfelt lyrics, you can’t help but be genuinely impressed by.

This is the massively relevant message of knowing that your former lover took you for granted, as you remember the moment and show them that you were someone special, who they now can only dream of being with.

With a foot stomping beat that shakes your unsuspecting speakers – this is a highly alluring single – which is made with a real scintillating edge, that should inspire so many of us to never let anybody bring you down.

Savage‘ from the sizzling Santa Cruz, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Alexis Hana, is the motivating message which has you gritting your teeth and pushing your chest upwards. Sung so sensationally from a quality singer on a mission to get her message out to the world, she carefully claws her way into our delighted ears, with one of the most pulsating pop tracks so far in 2021.

When you know your true value, you find ways to open your mind in ways you never thought possible before.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Watched My Mama Cry: Lil Quazzy remembers the time when he almost starved to death on ‘Struggle’

As he makes those money moves that are a far cry away from where he was brought up, Canadian rapper Lil Quazzy reminisces about those times when he didn’t know if things would ever get better on ‘Struggle‘.

Lil Quazzy is a fast-rising Toronto, Ontario-based rapper. He rocks the mic fluidly with a quick-fire bar-stacked-with-fmaes delivery that invitingly heats up your battered heart from the dicey coldness outside – as he strides in looking in both directions – with a knowing glance of where he came from.

This is the intense story about making some moves that you wish you could take back from the day – as you were brash and young – just trying to feed your family the only way you knew how. He puts on a fine display here that is full of excellently-penned lyrics, that is calmly combined with a hungry attitude which shows you his ever-increasing growth.

Struggle‘ from the electrically charged Toronto, Ontario-based indie trap rapper Lil Quazzy, is a true statement which leaves you in no doubt about where his mind is at. He is a wise soul who had to grow up quickly to avoid the pitfalls that entrenched so many – as he now remains steadfast that he is headed into the right direction – after a few unexpected trips and undesirable pitfalls.

This is a track to play if you feel a bit lost and need your mindset rebooted. You might of made some mistakes growing up like we all did, but that healing redemption is always available if you want it enough.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drown My Demons: Welsh underground emcee YUNG LØNE tunes into his growing greatness on ‘66.6 FM’

Taken off his latest four-track EP named ‘The Beginning of the End‘, YUNG LØNE turns the heat up to high during these cold UK winter months with his new dialed-in track ‘66.6 FM‘.

YUNG LØNE is a highly motivated underground UK emcee and University student based in leafy Pembrokeshire, West Wales. At just twenty years old, you can feel his passionate vocal delivery and the determination entrenched in his voice that he wants to stream all over the world.

His dragon-like flow blows down the doubts, as he tells his honest story with bars that catch you unawares at first, the way he raps is incredibly appealing to the true hip-hop fan out there, who is sick of watered down fake bling plastic rhymes that break easily. They want that properly-constructed realness and this is it.

This scary story of facing the devil in front of him made him realize that he wanted more, the scars are there to humble him but are slowly healing as he finds his true purpose in life. Making music that truly matters is what he wants and this is what he shall do, no matter what detours he has to deal with in this winding pothole-filled world of unexpected surprises.

66.6 FM‘ from ferocious UK rapper YUNG LØNE, is a fiery track from a man on a mission. He lost his lighter just trying to get by but never lost his flame. He shows us all that it is possible to claw your way out of that quicksand that can hold you down and drag you to places you don’t want to be. Never stop dreaming and your goals are possible, only if you are hungry enough to succeed.

Stream this banger on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Salsa & Chips’ from hungry Bay Area emcee is an all-you-can-eat party from J-Money

J-Money is back with his 2nd single from 2020 this one is aptly called ‘Salsa & Chips’. All that hard work gives you the munchies and these are deliciously satisfied on the outstandingly outlandish single. The enthralling entry comes in piping hot with a dazzling beat that has that extra spicy flavor to sink our teeth into.

With his signature frenzied flow that gives your body a boost when you needed it most, J-Money shows us his sword-like lyrical wordplay that gives your heart pulsating heart palpitations of the best variety. The South American salsa is on full show here as this is a musician who is clearly confident in his ability, and knows where he stands with the ladies.

This is the story of being a local at the diner in your town and you are known to all the staff there. The love of food is brilliantly mixed in with messages about being someone that doesn’t need a second invitation for a worthwhile party. His ferocious lyrical delivery brings a smile the face as this feels like early Ludacris in his prime.

The criminally underrated emcee is on top form with ‘Salsa & Chips’ by the Bar Area artist J-Money as he wets the appetite for more delicious tracks. His skillful wordplay is at a wizardry level and he turns up the heat here with rhymes that adds a humorous and oven cooked snack to proceedings.

After all, not taking yourself too seriously and making entertaining music is the way to go in 2020. This is an emcee that needs live shows and festivals to start up again so that he can take his music to the next level which he fully deserves.

Head through to the Spotify page to hear the new single and see more from J-Money on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Staying young in this crazy world: ‘Youthful Minds’ from Scrambled is a new school Indie-Rap rapper

Staying young in this crazy world: ‘Youthful Minds‘ from Scrambled is a new school Indie-Rap rapper that claws at you and find a hungry emcee with lots to say.

After dropping this new track on her 21st Birthday (many congrats), Scrambled from Upstate New York sings and raps with such soul and vigor, with stories of young life in this crazy world is so vivid. She has her cape on and is on a mission to do her thing, her way. This type of Independence is to be admired and the splendid style is such a gust of fresh air.

I feel some Tash Sultana here, she just has that extra bit of skill that you are born with and the hard work adds to the winning attitude, to bless the speakers with a fine song.

Scrambled fires in with a new track to inspire the youth during these wild times in the world on ‘Youthful Minds‘. With a wordplay that is up there with the very best young indie artists currently, this is an artist to take note of.

With lots of passion and a clear skill set that is improving each day, this is a single that spreads positive, feel-good vibes that is highly welcome in 2020.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Find out more on the Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen