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‘All Night Long’ from groovy Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N. is worth turning up

All Night Long‘ from groovy Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N. is worth turning up real loud. This is the party anthem of the year.

Based in Sydney in peaceful Australia, MMM Watermelon is a DJ first and foremost. While bringing his unique fast paced mixing style full of turntable trickery to the table, he has recently turned his hand to house music but always with a distinctive MMM Watermelon twist. Chicago-based Collaborator R.E.N injects his music with social wit and perception blending his charisma, innovative artistry, and signature sensibility to forge his own definitive sound. This is the kind of music that makes you listen twice. The scratches in the loops keep the song fresh and so fine.

After producing the perfect beat, MMM Watermelon called in R.E.N. to build a rhyme over the top. ‘All Night Long‘ is an energetic house track that revolves around the love of being out all night long, a sentiment that is sure to resonate with listeners. We all want this and can’t wait for it to happen again.

All Night Long‘ from Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N takes you on a night filled journey wherever you are in the world and that is the point of the song. This is a road-trip kind of feel, life is good and no one is thinking about the current world of 2020. This is one to listen to when you are keen to go out or cruising in the car on the way out.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


London house duo Blazay are on fire with the true story of being ‘Alone’

Blazay is on fire with the true story of being ‘Alone‘ on the house-filled smooth beat that impresses.

Blazay is a London based Dance duo that have a terrific sound to them, they fill the air with positive vibes and stories that reflect life right now in this crazy world.

You want to be with this person so much but something is wrong. Currently you are alone and this is a problem in your eyes. You feel like you two should be together and you want to be happen as the spark is there. You are both quite similar and like to have fun, you care for each other so much and the love is so strong.

Blazay is on fire with the true story of being ‘Alone‘ on the house-filled smooth beat that impresses with its quality production and vocals that heal the soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Fake Superman’ from Koreyography is a story of knowing what he really is

Fake Superman‘ from Koreyography is a fine house-beat of a story about knowing what he really is. He is fake and you are not.

The name Koreyography came to life due to his competitive dancing, tricks, and choreography, which would later transcend into other fields of entertainment. Before the name Koreyography was formed, Korey Witha K was massively into sports, music, and education. This is an artist that is truly multi-skilled and now is fully into music.

He comes into your life with bluster and wants to show off and for you to know how cool he is. He thinks that you don’t see through him and you are naive. Little does he know that you are much smarter than him and know his player style. You have seen it before and roll your eyes. You know the deal. This is not going to last and you don’t want any falseness in your life. You are real and want to be with someone who is the same.

Fake Superman‘ from Koreyography is a terrific house song that has a smooth beat that flies into your ears like a speeding car. The style is there and this is a top track for 2020. Knowing who is fake is so relevant in this wild world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


RMZ fuses tech and afro in his new single ‘Sacred Jungle’ and ‘Curse Of The Jungle’ on one track

Sacred Jungle and ‘Curse Of The Jungle‘ is the new trippy track from RMZ with African house influences that fuses two songs in one.

RMX is a Producer, DJ, and music enthusiast. Throughout the years he has spun some seriously Funky/Disco/Groovy sets which he believes brings positive vibes to the crowd and is the soul purpose of music. This is an artist that loves what he does and doesn’t do it for the

This is a mixture of Afro House and Melodic House with Techno elements that makes this new song pack a real heart punch. A good punch that wakes up your heart and gets you dancing. The result is a trippy tribal track with a tech push that gets the blood flowing in all of the right places.

The 2 in 1 song ‘Sacred Jungle and ‘Curse Of The Jungle‘ from RMZ packs a bouncy beat that will get you growing and make you imagine being in the African jungle, exploring the lands and finding yourself. This is a quality track that keeps you hooked all the way around your soul and grabs your attention. The detail is lovely here and I like the house beat and mysterious vibe that keeps you alive.

Stream the track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Denver’s Sometimes Never elevates the year with ‘Smbdy’ (feat. Koiboy)

The intriguing producer Sometimes Never elevates the year with ‘Smbdy’ (feat. Koiboy)‘.

Denver-based producer Sometimes Never, gives us his debut release that is so well filled up with plenty of light and fluffy synths atop deep rubbery bass. Sounds good right? The lights need to be on low here to fully get the vibe that will make your body move to delight.

Listen on a big system for full effect. This is jazzy-indie house with the strawberry juicy texture that makes your lips tingle and take a sip of your favorite beverage. With a cloud-moving start, this song steps into gear like a runner climbing the top of the mountain. There is a translucent vision here that melts at our souls and I hope they make a music video to add to this fantastic track.

Released off label Large Underground Freqs, ‘Smbdy’ (feat. Koiboy)‘ is a fine addition to the house music playlist of your devices as there is real good energy here that puts you in the right frame of mind.

Stream here via Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Peckham producer fromLondon slide in with groovy 5 track debut EP full of highlights ‘R.A.M – Release. Ascend. Maintain’

fromLondon slides in with his brand new EP full of highlights and memories on ‘R.A.M – Release. Ascend. Maintain‘.

UK House producer FromLondon has created a distinctive sound for himself which incorporates all of his influences to create his debut EP.

With plenty of soulful, meaningful moments and for fans of Black Coffee and Atjazz, the new EP is a story as well as a musical journey, where FromLondon takes us into his world, one that barely drops under 120BPM but keeps its listeners glued to the dancefloor. This is groovy waterfall music for your soul.

Hailing from South East London, Matt ‘FromLondon‘ grew up around gospel music and influences from diverse musical tastes, including jazz & soul. Honing his skills at the local community youth club in Peckham, he found the opportunity to understand music production and create music from a range of genres. Fast-forward to today, and FromLondon has collaborated with a range of fellow producers such as Sean 1da (Warner Bros) and Taz (Def Jam). With a keen ear for music, FromLondon learned to play classical violin for several years helping him push his musical knowledge and appetite to explore soul and afro house even more.

The highlight for me on this fantastic production is the 3rd track called ‘Put Ma Life OnIt‘ from FromLondon. The lights are on bright here like watching from a packed-out stadium. The sounds are smooth, with jazzy riffs of vocals and piano that makes anyone blush. This vibe is so right here and the whole EP is a masterful expression from the UK producer FromLondon. ‘R.A.M – Release. Ascend. Maintain‘ sucks you in and you don’t ever want to change a song.

Stream this top EP here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Oh Balboa – Sing through It with The Ooh Song

EDM. Dance. Electropop. House. They’re all labels that get bandied about a lot, without actually specifying very much at all; “EDM isn’t a genre”, I hear you cry. Well, maybe not, but with “We Sing Through It”, an irreverent, feel-good slice of early ‘90s-style Euro-House, Oh Balboa has probably got closer than anybody to defining, exactly, its essence; if you open up the dictionary for ‘Electronic Dance Music’, there won’t be any words. There’ll just be a sound-clip of this track playing. Repeatedly. Over and over, around your head, on an endless loop. For days.

Sure, there’s not much to it; a catchy-as-fuck simple nine note sampled phrase, rising and falling through the octave, repeated, round and round over some deep synth swell chords and old school Roland beats, smack on the ‘Balearic’ money at 128 BPM. Aside from the drop around the 1 minute mark, that’s about it. And damn, if that’s not enough for you then frankly you’ve never done the Running Man at an Ibiza foam-party; ‘We Sing Through It’ could be this year’s ‘French Kiss’.

Review by Alex Holmes


RudeBrutal break the house down with fantastic new single ”Freedom”

RudeBrutal is Andrey Totev. This is no ordinary producer either. This is a man on a global mission to get his vision and music out there to the masses. ”Freedom” is his brand spanking new house anthem so let’s get into it.

Bulgaria’s RudeBrutal is the founder of Media Frames (record label) and the Danube Sunset Sessions which is a DJ & Musical live performance event. As you can see he is one busy man.

His new track ”Freedom” is here and oh my goodness. This is what my blood flow needed to heart back into the zone. The speakers groan at the beginning here. Slowly you feel the bass sliding down the passageway with a sneaky grin and the vocals hit your soul right where it needed to. I do 50 push ups while listening to this track as I am inspired not to stop early. This is perfect running and gym music while is also a perfectly crafted tonic to add to your gin before or during the party. ”Freedom” is all about doing what you want and well just don’t destroy things unnecessarily. Put your 100% effort into it and you will get the results. I feel motivated and am sure you will too after a loud listen.

RudeBrutal have just made today easier so turn it up. Be free and stay positive.

Stream this awesome house track right here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


My Secret Playground – The Encounter: Euro House Euphoria

Rabotat Records have no shortage of mind-bendingly talented artists under their label, and Tech House up and coming act My Secret Playground is definitely no exception. Their latest drop “The Encounter” offers 5 whole minutes of transiently immersive beats which any self-respecting Euro House fan will want on their playlists. The convergence of different elements in the multi-layered track gives The Encounter a uniquely unpredictable bounce which constantly shifts and weaves through Disco and Swing arrangements. As soon as the mainly instrumental track kicks into rhythm it’s apparent that My Secret Playground has a lot to offer to the Dance charts and I’m infinitely excited to hear them climb them with their eclectic, hypnotically punchy beats.

You can check out My Secret Playground’s latest drop The Encounter for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud from October 19th.  In the meantime, get acquainted with some of the LA-based studio’s culturally explosive mixes.

Review by Amelia Vandergast