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Wanna Be A Star: Reunited Welsh electro-rock band The Vanities know they should be in the ‘HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)’

2001 by The Vanities

As they subtly surface from the cold and damp darkness when everyone thought that it was all over forever, The Vanities remind us of their intriguing brilliance and further back up the notion that Wales have the most compelling acts in Europe currently with ‘HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)‘.

The Vanities is a stimulatingly exciting electro-rock duo from fiery Cardiff in Wales that first formed back in 2001 when the world was a hugely different place.

After tragically breaking up in 2006 just when they were starting to gain a massive cult following – and calling it an indefinite hiatus – the urge to be reunited was too strong and they thrillingly started working together again in 2016, to make that album that never happened.

Combining a love of 90s grunge & 80s synth-pop, the band were a staple of the burgeoning South Wales music scene at the turn of the millennium, with highlights including a release on cult Cardiff-based label Boobytrap Records, selection for the late Tony Wilson’s influential In The City conference in Manchester, not to forget a bizarre collaboration with 80s icon Tony Hadley.” ~ The Vanities

HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)‘ from the highly experienced Cardiff, Wales-based band The Vanities, is a reminder that dreams can really come true if you push hard enough and have the all-important self-belief. This is the type of track that has your awareness from start to finish, with impressive vocals and an ’80s influenced sound for the ages.

Making it is possible, and if you want it enough, you have to go and get it.

Hear this fine new single on Bandcamp and check out the FB music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen