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Up and coming American female MC ‘Del3x’ shows her growth with maturing flow on ‘’Meet Again’

From her debut on 2018’s ‘’On God Freestyle’’, USA Rapper ‘Del3x’ has been a name to watch. She brings back the heat with her new single, the honest ‘Meet Again’.

The energetic MC is breaking down more barriers and perceptions with her smooth flow and clever lyrics. In an industry that at times disrespects women MC’s, this is an artist that is on the rise with her ever-growing confidence. 

If she could get her marketing and branding more in sync with her impressive MC skills, ‘Del3x’ would be able to break down even more barriers. This will happen in a matter of time after her chart breakthrough and I feel like this will come sooner rather than later.

‘’Meet Again’’ is part of a sequence of singles from the young MC and the follow up to the gritty ‘’Related Rivals’’, a song about jealousy and losses.  

Listen more to ‘Del3x’ here on her YouTube page and follow her journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Big Twitch releases Mad Ting feat. Slick Bullet

Very Hip Hop and dangerously addictive, Big Twitch has dropped quite a hit with his new single Mad Ting featuring Slick Bullet.

Opening up with overlapping synth melodies and a sensual Reggaeton tempo that slowly sets forth the vibe, it feels almost impossible not to dance along with the rhythm while waving your limbs up and down and wining side to side.

You’ll be amazed by the production quality; especially for how the vocals neatly emerge from the background music. Those two fellas deserve some credit for how their voices meld together in a perfect both rap and melodic mix, achieving a R&B outcome that riles up the whole track.

Big Twitch was right: this one was a real mad ting.

Check out Mad Ting by heading over Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Mysterious ‘Timo6ka’ is back with new self-reflecting Lo-fi/Rap track ‘’Hot Garbage’’

Not much is known about producer Timo6ka and perhaps he likes it that way. ‘’Hot Garbage’’ has just dropped and is featured as the lead single from his new EP- ‘’Sad Beats 2’’.

What I can find is that ‘Timo6ka’ is the alias for Ivan Timofejev, an accomplished animator/illustrator/producer/rapper. ‘’Hot Garbage’’ touches on mental health and wanting to be happy, which is a constant struggle for millions across the world, due to the constant barrage of content on the internet.

‘Timo6ka’ takes you on a journey during his ‘’Sad Beats 2’’ EP and his dark undertones keep you hooked all the way through. At times the music is a bit creepy, you don’t know what is going to come next and each song is different. This is a young, creative and fantastic artist who is finding his feet in the music world.

‘’Hot Garbage’’ is a good lead single and there is lots of potential here. Currently a bit insecure and a touch paranoid in this crazy world, let’s hope that ‘Timo6ka’ finds himself and is able to fully realize his potential. This is a talented producer/rapper who is clearly exploring different styles, which is exciting for us to witness.

Stream and learn more about Timo6ka here on Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New York’s ‘The Poet Andrew’ spreads his positive message with new single ‘’New Day’’

I like that one, I like that one a lot. Andrew Carson aka ‘The Poet Andrew’ is a conscious R&B poet/singer/songwriter/producer and MC with a positive attitude to all of life’s obstacles. No money in his pockets? No problem, there is always a silver lining to everything.

Just from listening to his music, you can tell that he is influenced by greats such as André 3000 to Frankie Lymon, just to name a few. 

‘’New Day’’ is the fresh follow up to 2018’s debut ‘’Lonely Love’’, a creative track with a smooth flow that received much love on the notoriously fickle New York streets. On ‘’New Day’’ the energy is high, the church-type feel in the background adds a beautiful element to the track and I feel happy listening to this underground gem.

The Poet is clearly picking up momentum and his name is spreading to all corners of the world now. An MC with a peaceful message of love & hope, ‘’New Day’’ is a welcome escape from the depressing news that is around us. ‘The Poet Andrew’ is pushing himself up the ranks and is a talent to watch, his true breakthrough can’t be too far in the future when he features on a J-Cole or Common track.

Get to know The Poet Andrew and revel in this positive influence on Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


DESVIL soars into high pitched dreamy-pop R&B greatness with ‘Bodyboy’

Canadian based singer and songwriter DESVIL has released ‘Bodyboy’ with an accompanying music visual on his YouTube channel. 

With a discernible buzz made four years ago off the back of a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ on his Soundcloud page, DESVIL’s new track ‘Bodyboy’ shows a strong glimpse into his high potential, high-pitched dreamy and funky pop talents.

Skillfully wavering across vintage-effect drum plucks, DESVIL’s high pitch vibrato in ‘Bodyboy’ draws listeners’ ears in whisper-close with lush dustings of smoothly delivered melodic drawls. It’s that sort of moody, dream pop that many bedroom producers dream of hitting the right notes on – and to all his credit, DESVIL delivers superbly with this release. 

You can check out ‘Bodyboy’ on DESVIL’s YouTube channel now


A shootout of rhymes: Ryn Scott’s new release Execute

I honestly wasn’t expecting such a shootout of rhymes when I hit play on Ryn Scott’s Execute, let alone my laptop speakers clipping out to the heavy beats.

My first thought went to that Slim Shady motif that conquered Hip Hop’s golden 90’s and Dre’s handprint in the piano loops spiraling into a melodic vortex that sucks down the cumulative mass of mainstream rappers we’re so saturated with.

Execute goes beyond those withered stems of rap bars by cultivating a unique sound through a type of storytelling that poeticizes simple but well-structured harmonies for an authentic pure Hip-Hop banger.

If this is the premise, Ryn Scott has a talent ready to bloom.

You can listen to Execute by heading over on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ is a taste of Melbourne’s rap scene

Melbourne-based ANTVNIO has released Brothers, a Pacific-ocean crossing mesh of dominated hip-hop waves.

With heavy influence from both modern UK and US trap and rap styles, Australia’s young trap artists are beginning to expand in droves – and ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ feels very much a part of that. While the track has its both high and low points, there’s an enjoyable ‘real-life’ sensibility about this release, and it speaks to the lengths of just how much the digital era has really affected music creation. 

While there’s more persistence needed from the young artist in smoothing out the rougher edges to compete in an extremely exciting wave of artists like The Kid Laroi, BROTHERS might be worth a listen if you want to expand your tastes and dive into the independent waters of Australian-seasoned trap. 

You can check out BROTHERS on ANTVNIO’s Soundcloud page here


JAC’s new track Country Road is a trap-infused singalong ballad

R&B and hip-hop artist JAC is releasing Country Road on the 28th June, it’s a trap-infused singalong ballad emulating a new wave of country tinged hip-hop. 

With a piano-led melody underscoring the hometown-feeling behind the song, JAC’s combination of high-pitched and autotuned harmonies help Country Road manage to sound impressively produced and float in a sort of halfway house between a truly emotional ballad and a clever hit to follow up on the streaming audience’s love for previously un-refined genre combinations. 

The track stands out most where JAC is able to layer a significant amount of vocal power in the chorus. And, while auto-tune indeed takes a strong presence in the track, a clear ability to find the right melody to complement the warmth of the keys beneath it helps this release stand apart in a wave of genre-bending work. Take this country road home with you, and listen. 

You can pre-save JAC’s ‘Country Road’  here.


Daego Gold’s ‘Heart In’ is soulful trap that fails to miss a beat

New York-inflected singing-rapper Daego Gold’s music comes into its own with his latest release ‘Heart In ?’ – a soulful trap track with some strong melodic chops – from his 2020 ‘Heart In ?’ EP. 

Using an arpeggiated guitar riff that wouldn’t feel out of place in the sketchbook of The Police’s Andy Summers as the beat’s modus operandi, Gold impresses with a strong vocal performance – especially on the hook – and carries well throughout. And while it doesn’t do vast amounts in the way of trying to place the artist into any clear lanes to make comparisons with contemporaries of the genre, Gold displays a strong level of songwriting that should find him on many more playlists. 

What hits most about this track is its replayability, and that’s in no small part to Gold’s performance on the hook. ‘Heart In ?’ is an earworm that should easily manage to worm its way into any hip-hop playlists where melodic hooks and melancholic beats reign supreme. It’s trap that doesn’t fall into the trap of sounding particularly tired, and that’s a very good thing. 

You can check out Daego Gold’s ‘Heart In’ on his Spotify now


Fiend Titan’s ‘Gods Green Lawn’ shows the collective can rap with personality

Tampa Bay-based artist and producer collective Fiend Titans showcase their strongest selves yet on ‘Gods Green Lawn’ – a track from their recently weed-day dropped EP Fiend Tapes, Vol. 420. 

Gods Green Lawn’ is a laid back, Florida rap track, reminiscent of early Injury Reserve stylings with a beat that feels well picked and matched to the collective’s individual voices. It’s a sort of weirdly sunny affair, even though the beat doesn’t quite announce that in any starkly obvious way. It’s a subtly impressive track, growing as it goes, as the personality of each rapper comes through stronger in the latter halves of their verses. 

What makes this track work so well is the personality of each that shines through that comes combined with verses transitions that feel impressively thought out and flowed on. There should be some good things to come from this collective yet. 

You can check out Gods Green Lawn on Fiend Titan’s Spotify page here.