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In a mixture of hip hop and EDM, American creator MAZEMENT drops his new track Closed Doors – featuring The Real DMT

Coming out as a DJ, hip hop artist and songwriter, American creator MAZEMENT drops his new track Closed Doors, featuring The Real DMT.

The word creator perfectly suits MAZEMENT! Starting off with DJing at a very young age, MAZEMENT took on poetry as his main form of expression, poetry that later became the foundations of his first music efforts. He didn’t give in to hip hop entirely though, but decided to experiment with different genres and blendings to develop his style, which happened when he was introduced to EDM. Apparently, the key to his current style lies in the mixture of controversial lyrics, hip hop beats, and percussive electronics.

You can easily tell MAZEMENT has talent as a lyricist and club music producer – he was still born a DJ after all, which endows him with incredible stage presence.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Nas, 2pac, and with Eminem-like grit in the vocals, Closed Doors is an energizingly authentic and true rap, hip hop, trap single that will make MAZEMENT stand out from his peers for good.

Head over to Soundcloud and listen to Closed Doors along with the artist’s other efforts.

Review by Jim Esposito.

L33 will give you something to cry about on this emotional expulsion of a track

Sonically and thematically L33 pays tribute to forebears like the late Lil’ Peep, unafraid to look inward and face some demons. Join L33 as he raps of a world coming undone, and find some solace in the glitzy, sleek production and his measured voice. Despite the widescreen aspirations of the accompanying music video, there’s a confrontational intimacy to L33’s latest that is sure to raise some hairs on the back of your neck.

Blast this from your car speakers as you’re heading down the road into an uncertain future—and feel good about it.

Stream the track here

Produced by YTZ Records, The Get Back is the latest effort by Aykay & Fatboy

In a slightly old-school kind of atmosphere, The Get Back is the latest effort by Aykay & Fatboy produced by YTZ Records.

Coming in at only 2:34 and leading in with that opening classic piano melody we’ve often heard in similar acts, the track presents a cleverly minimalistic sound with skinny beats and attenuated synths that gently interlace and build a placid loop. Rap bars and vocal overdubs interact in a rhythmic exchange, producing a consistently chill flow.

Nobody argues against a magic touch of authenticity as the style of the track swings between a 90’s rap vibe and contemporary hip hop beats, a combination that many of the current major acts look forward to and try to recreate. It’s the sort of vintage rap that gives out good vibrations besides explicit content or excessive percussive sounds. This demonstrates that Aykay & Fatboy know their way into the music scene, and they’ll certainly get back with more successful projects.

Head over to Youtube and hit play on The Get Back.

Review by Jim Esposito.

A.K.A. The Truth – Not Empty: When the East Coast always remains a reliable production hub

Do you know that feeling when a track hits you in guts within the first 5 seconds? From the very first synth bass note drop, A.K.A. The Truth’s new track Not Empty embraced me with a sparkling captivating flow.

The East Coast always remains a reliable production hub when it comes to hip hop in all of its forms, whether it’s for the metrics, the sound precision, the rhythmic rap bars that fall perfectly on the tempo, or all the above, these fellas have an innate gift for creating catchy flows and stimulating beats.

Raised in Buffalo, NY, A.K.A. The Truth keeps the above statement true, and puts forward a creative collage of sound and rhythm in the name of an innovative mixture of rap and R&B, for which Not Empty is a living example. And it’s now part of my Feeling way better Spotify playlist!

Check out Not Empty on Spotify but do not hesitate to go through all of the artist’s other efforts.

Review by Jim Esposito.

Up and coming artist Maz drops his first single Godfather

Barely 20 years old and with a confident drive, Poland-born and UK-raised artist Maz drops his first hip hop track Godfather.

Gaining groove from Drake-alike beats and rap style, Godfather is a minimalistic hip hop effort that clutches blunt words and lyrics while keeping the music in a steady loop, as if Maz was vocally announcing his debut into the music scene. Despite being a novice, Maz shows an energetic and thoughtful approach and stresses how important it is to encourage people to pursue music.

By drawing likes to his up and coming project, Maz hopes he’ll bring awareness to North Wales, where he resides, and undertakes a tough yet brave journey that his grit will certainly back up.

You can listen to Godfather for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.

Detroit’s Maz keeps the flow tight with ‘’Scruffy’’

Young Emcee from the US, ‘Maz’, is here with a dope style that is sure to bring him lots of fans. 

‘Maz’ has a raw delivery and he spits straight up facts on the mic. We should all pay attention as this Rapper is on the way up, all in the hometown of the legend; Eminem. 

New to the game but steppin’ up quick, ‘Maz’ also produces his own music and does the artwork. It’s that DIY approach that is going to take him places. Rather than wait for things to come to him, this young Emcee is pushing his way in.

‘Maz’ is a name to watch in the Hip Hop scene, he is a talented lyricist and he is still very new to the game. With more experience and finetuning his beats, this Emcee is on the way up. Detroit first and then wherever he wants to go.

Check out his whole collection on SoundCloud

London’s multi-talented Louis the Hippie fires off with inspired ‘’Hen House’’

A man of many talents- writing, film and music; ‘Louis the Hippie’ sure likes to keep busy. ’Hen House’’ is a fiery statement single and music video. His flow is unique and he drops those bars hard on this one.

Edited by himself and directed by Greg Francis, I’m a huge fan of this song. It has impact, is raw and is so well shot. The standard of UK Hip Hop has risen so high over the last few years. No longer do US Rappers rule the roost, it’s more like the other way around. 

‘Louis the Hippie’ is up there with the very best in my opinion and he hasn’t even got started yet. I feel like there is a lot more coming and he is building up, ready to raise his level every time he is on the mic. 

Get more of this London Emcee on his YouTube channel. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s streetwise Emcee Inko returns with long-awaited ‘’Touch’’

I just wanna breathe on you, tempted to touch. ‘Inko’ is an underground Emcee with enough talent to cover all over her hometown of London in England. She is back after a two year hiatus with her raspy release that has enough swag to last for days. 

‘’Touch’’ is a UK banger of note that deserves lots of love- on all radio and streaming  channels. The young Rapper  ‘Inko’ slides in the party with style and substance. My finger is tempted to touch play all the time here as she shouts out legendary Camden, a legendary music hub of music that can’t wait to open up again.

This is the follow up to 2018’s single the speaker stompin’ ‘Groupie’. Both tracks are excellent and the Hip Hop scene is better for ‘Inko’ being in the game. Just don’t call her sweet.

Check out the Spotify channel now and support this real talent from London. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

L.A.Shawn’s vampire Rap style shreds the right notes with ‘’After Dark’’

Please don’t text me after dark, that’s when my thoughts come to life. You have been warned, L.A.Shawn likes to be in his zone after dark. This is the concept of the new single from the Columbus, United States rapper and it’s off his catchy ‘’The Villain Of The Opera’’ album from 2020. 

‘L.A.Shawn’ has an intriguing style and seems fed up with the flashy style of other cats in the game. He just wants to push out good music and talk about real issues in the world. 

With a few features and thousands of streams per song, he is well on the way to the top. This is clearly a hard-working Rapper who is putting many hours into his craft and not just pushing out minimally thought of music which is so often the norm in current Hip Hop releases. 

This is an Emcee with a big future. If he can stay focused and put out some more bangers with memorable music videos, ‘L.A.Shawn’ will be a huge name in the game. Just don’t text him after dark.

Catch more from this promising Emcee on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Denver Emcee Cipher gets his girl in ‘’Make You Mine’’

I wish you were mine, I think you know why. The former US Navy Vet is now fully in the music game and shows us his chops with his 3rd single ‘’Make You Mine’’. 

‘Make You Mine’ is about reflecting on a relationship where you are in the friend zone with someone that you really care about. A tough situation to be in, the likeable R&B/Hip Hop artist ‘Cipher’ shows us his tender side in this track. With a quality Music Video to boot, this is a sexy release to add to his ever-growing repertoire.

Known in the Denver music game for his debut ‘Blowing Up’ that did just that locally, this is another good track to this budding artist’s name. 

‘Cipher’ is in a very tough genre with artists that come and go way too quickly. He is making his move now and with quality releases, the young Emcee is leading the Indie Denver Rap charge to the top.

Check out more from this talented R&B artist on his DistroKid page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen