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Yung Zay – Red Like a Rose: Meet the Artist Infusing Soul into Trap

“Red Like a Rose” is the standout single from Yung Zay’s debut album “Unpredictable”. The short and sweet track runs through with plenty of energy which is found in both the lyrical delivery and the experimentally expressive Trap-style beat which infuses plenty elements of Jazz-infused Old School Hip Hop.

As much as I appreciated the creativity and the tangible passion which was thrown into the mix with Red Like a Rose, the lyrical repetition did start to resonate as a little excessive in the chorus, and in the verses, the Rap delivery came dangerously close to Mumble Rap. Yet, Red Like a Rose along with the other tracks found in Yung Zay’s 2019 album still stand as a testament to his authentic talents when it comes to creating soulfully high-vibe Hip Hop.

You can check out Yung Zay’s single Red Like a Rose for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Urban Poet Milan Parmar Releases His Latest Single “Candle”

Up and coming R&B Hip Hop artist Milan Parmar dropped their latest single “Candle” on April 19th, 2019; and it may just be one of the most distinctive Hip Hop tracks which I’ve checked out this year.

With so many artists concerning themselves with sounding commanding in their Rap bars, or even worse using enough vocal reverb to extract all of their authenticity, Milan Parmar has gone in the exact opposite direction and allowed you to appreciate their vocal autonomy. With verses which run like spoken word poetry leading up to sticky-sweet choruses, Candle was never going to fall flat, instead, Candle has every potential to become your next perennial earworm. It isn’t all too often that you can appreciate lyrical ingenuity along with a beat which will stay with you for long after the track has faded out.

You can check out the official music video to Milan Parmar’s latest drop Candle for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kaza Block – BAR$ Part 2: Vibrantly Hyped Hip Hop

Hip Hop artists looking for tips on how to cook up a magnetically powerful high-vibe beat will probably want to take a few tips from up and coming recording artist Kaza Banks’ standout track BAR$ Part 2.

With instrumentals as polished and visceral as you would find in any of Jay Z’s or Kanye’s tracks, the beat hooks you in straight from the prelude in BAR$ Part 2. Yet, the track is much more than an assimilation on what you’ve heard before from the pioneers of Hip Hop.

BAR$ Part 2 may be under two minutes long, but in that duration, Kaza throws in more than a generous serving of charisma allowing his Rap bars to match the energy which flows from the Old School Hip Hop arrangement.

You can check out Kaza’s single BAR$ Part 2 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Apache Don – Slow Down: Resonantly Relatable Hip Hop Rap

Up and coming LA-based artist Apache Don may just be the prodigal son of atmospherically gripping jazz-infused Hip Hop Rap. “Slow Down” which was released 6 months ago as part of their debut EP “Apache Blues” is irrefutably the best introduction to his reflective sound. While the vocals may run a little too fast for you to really lock into from the first listen, that just gives you all the more reason to hit repeat on this truly refreshing single.

Plenty of artists are keen to mix elements of old school Hip Hop with contemporary Trap, yet Apache Don manages in a deft way which allows you to slip comfortably into the soundscape whilst being endeared with inventive yet subtle layers of distinction.

You can check out Apache Don’s standout single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Otto – Rear View: Hypnotically Hazy Hip Hop

It’s charismatic, it’s playful, it has absolutely no intention of carrying a high-brow pretence; it’s up and coming Hip Hop artist Otto’s latest single “Rear View”. The single may be in danger of falling into the Nerdy Hip Hop arena, but is there anything more cathartic than slipping into a pure serving of unfiltered aural expression?

Rear View practically oozes ambient vibes along with plenty of aspects of experimental Trap futurism. The track will draw you into the mix at the same time as leaving you transfixed by the layers of jazzy indulgence. Potentially, what I loved most about the track was the lack of effect on the vocals, even though the beats are a smorgasbord of contrasting glitchy effects, the vocals retain a natural human magnetism.

You can check out Otto’s latest hazy Hip Hop mix Rear View which was released in May 2019 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


C-Styles Music – Ball On Em: Smoothly Polished Hard-Hitting Hip Hop

“Ball On Em” is the upcoming single from Atlanta-based Hip Hop artist C-Styles Music who has had plenty of time to mature his style since starting out in 2011– and it definitely shows in his most recent release. The radio-ready production combined with the effortless synergy between vocals and instrumentals stands as a testament to C-Styles Music dedication to creating stylistically resounding mixes.

Despite the pioneering edge which Ball On Em was carved with, the R&B Hip Hop rhythms are all too easy to slip into. Lyrical waxing doesn’t come much smoother than what you can expect from C-Styles Music, furthermore, C-Styles Music dares to go deeper than most artists do with their Hip Hop lyricism.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Ball On Em for yourselves. In the meantime, head over to the artist’s Facebook page to stay up to date with news on the latest release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


RYN SCOTT – Campfire: The Alt Hip Hop Track Which Literally Deserves to Be Called Lit

There’s always someone annoying with an acoustic guitar sat around a campfire, isn’t there? Thankfully in RYN SCOTT’s latest Alt Hip Hop single “Campfire” the guitar contributions are more than appreciated.

If you’re a fan of Yelawolf’s more melodic tracks, it’s highly likely that you’re going to appreciate RYN SCOTT’s instantly arrestive single. The mellow downtempo pacing beat makes it all too easy to hang from RYN SCOTT’s every word as he moves through the poignantly penned lyrics which don’t just skirt around superficialities. The lyrics behind Campfire are practically poetry, each time you hit play on the track you take away something new – and that’s exactly how you know that a hit has been created.

The commercial potential behind this track is massive, and I can’t wait to see where it takes RYN SCOTT.

You can check out RYN SCOTT’s latest single Campfire for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


JASHAR finds the perfect balance between accessibility and authenticity with “Reign”

Detroit-hailing artist JASHAR has found the perfect balance between ingenuity and accessibility with their latest 2019 single “Reign”. While you will find plenty of similarities in the sound to the pioneers of Rap and Hip Hop, the familiar elements weave together in an arrangement which will hit you with a smooth contemporary prodigal veracity.

While the Rap artist, songwriter and producer clearly has no trouble standing their own lyrical ground, for Reign, they teamed up with fellow Rap artist Nobi who lay down a few bars providing the perfect domineering contrast to JASHAR’s infinitely charismatic Rap style.

Everything about Reign stands as a testament to JASHAR’s talent as a radio-ready artist who is already getting plenty of well-deserved international attention for his inventive and expressive soundscapes. You probably shouldn’t wait around any longer before jumping on the hype.

You can check out JASHAR’s latest single Reign ft. Nobi for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LA-based Rap Artist Kéta Releases Her Latest Raw & Relatably Honest Single “Relapse”

For years, I’ve looked up to the like of Peaches and other female Rap artists who make absolutely no bones about laying down their raw and candid lyrics through the intention of making an honest and inspirational connection with the listener. While Rap may not be a genre which you see women at the forefront of a lot, breaking artist Kéta proves that she is more than deserving of a place at the top of the charts with her unapologetically empowering latest single “Relapse”.

Even when the Rap versing switches to harmonious vocals in the chorus, the dominant vocal strength remains arrestive, and the track becomes even more resonant through the sentiment of the single which follows the narrative of a relapse. Kéta has harnessed her relatable rage and applied her evident lyrical ingenuity to create a standout single which will undoubtedly be the reason she becomes the role model of plenty more women. She’s not trying to be the perfect picture of femininity, instead, she’s using her feminine strength and creating soundscapes to leave her male counterparts audibly quaking.

You can check out Kéta’s latest single Relapse for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TYPE 4 – Look Back and Laugh: The Golden Age of Hip Hop Lives On

Nearly a quarter of a million people have already tuned into TYPE 4’s ingenious take on Hip Hop with “Look Back and Laugh” which was released in February 2019. If you count yourself as a fan of the Golden Age of Hip Hop, you’re already overdue discovering the sun-soaked, lyrically playful soundscape.

When you consider the fact TYPE 4 have been going strong since 1990 and the 4 Bostonians are undoubtedly still going strong, it really is no surprise that so many people have the inclination to experience their contemporarily authentic Hip Hop.

The stylistic maturity is palpable from the first verse, and the daring unwillingness to take Hip Hop right back to its roots and still find time to squeeze in elements of reggae is incredibly refreshing. While many Hip Hop artists have tried their hardest to evolve their style to keep up with emerging artists, TYPE 4 knew they didn’t have to change a thing with Look Back and Laugh.

You can check out TYPE 4’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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