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Jad Saad chases the relationship ‘High’ in his latest indie-pop single

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jad Saad penned the ultimate post-breakup single, ‘High’, which mournfully revels in the highs that affection can take us to.

The intimate indie pop track chases the highs that a now otherwise preoccupied paramour shared while the guitars bring a kaleidoscope of colour in their melodies. The production may be minimalist, but High finds full-bodied resonance in spite of the stripped-back instrumental arrangement; Jad Saad’s vulnerable vocals, which run under the perfect touch of autotune are more than enough to flood the sad boi summer anthem.

The demo of High is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wirral-based pop/rock artist Jack Vinci crashes in the waves with debut ‘High’

With a soaring sensation that has him flying into formerly unfathomable places he never thought he’d ever feel, Jack Vinci is the merriest that he has ever been as his love-soaked heart glides so ‘High‘.

Jack Vinci is a Wirral, UK-based dream-pop and indie rock artist who has been carefully crafting his music in the studio and is now ready to express it to the world to enjoy.

With a catchy melody that all ages can certainly wrap their minds into with consummate ease, Jack Vinci unleashes an outstanding new single that vibrates your earlobes into a satisfying place that will only induce a smile beyond previous comprehension.

I wasn’t sure at first about my debut single being a song which is so abrupt and upfront, but if I’m gonna show my face, I might as well boot the door down.” ~ Jack Vinci

Bringing us an inspiring story that is all about reaching higher than before – as you grip that optimistic place you have treasured forever – this is a message about expressing your love and wanting to keep it at a constant height to truly treasure. Being content is the dream in life, and this is a message that will certainly have you feeling that a happy soul is indeed possible, no matter what the pessimists might say.

So many songs I love are basically the soundtrack to my life, my goal with this song and every song I write is to hopefully be a part of someone else’s soundtrack, to have something which connects to a memory in someone’s life or occurring moment.” ~ Jack Vinci

High‘ from Wirral, UK-based dream-pop and indie rock singer-songwriter Jack Vinci, is a sensational single that will skyrocket freely into the dreams that take you into that sunny place where you can get that permanent tan. He has an outstanding vocal ability that seems to breathe fresh air into your spirit, as we are thrilled by such a quality artist who sounds completely ready for this moment.

Those who prepare properly have more chance of success, right?

Hear this debut release on Spotify and see his IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sacha Allen’s Sunshine Infused Track ‘High’

Summer may be coming to an end but Sacha Allen is determined to not let it go until she has to, proof of which can be found in her sunshine infused single High. The vibes are lazy, the vocals are soulful, the beats vibrant and the overall result is a tune that is perfect for dancing along but equally great to chill out to.

As her debut release this puts the Manchester singer firmly on the map. A song such of this from a seasoned, big name would have the industry movers and shakers clamouring to be associated with it, coming out of the blue as it does is an even bigger story and not only will those in the know marvel at how great the song is, they will also realise that this is just the first step and that the real story here is really Sacha’s potential.