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Leave Me Alone: Bournemouth rockers Solcura rip up the script on ‘Are You In Here With Me?’

With a raging introduction that might scare those who weren’t ready for an ignitable sound of thunder, Solcura are at their speaker-shaking best on the latest single ‘Are You In Here With Me?‘.

Solcura is a high-tempo alt-rock 5-piece band who is from Bournemouth, UK. They are a fearsome outfit that breaks down the fragile door and shatter windows with a gleeful smile on their faces.

A new, relentless alt rock band from the south of England, bring a genre-melding mix that strays all the way from alternative and melodic hard rock to breakneck punk, from ethereal acoustic to skull pounding grunge.” ~ Solcura

Slicing skillfully through all self-doubts that we all face in this bizarre life we just try and survive in, Solcura turns up the volume and don’t ever let go as they display an effortless style that keeps you locked inside their world.

Are You In Here With Me?‘ from the Bournemouth-based heavy-voltage alt-rock act Solcura, is a riff-laden track that has so much mystery interlaced inside. We are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions with a vocalist who has our mind alive, that is loaded with a rampaging assortment of swarming guitar melodies that undoubtedly delivers for fans of this proud genre.

Hear this fierce new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In A Dream: Thrilling Shanghai band Hogchoker are at their unique best on ‘Hey! Snow White!’

With a sexy ska wrapper to slide all over our enthralled bodies, Hogchoker slam in hard with a glorious performance in a style that only they can pull off with ‘Hey! Snow White!’, a deafening track that will have you reaching for those dancing shoes again.

Hogchoker is a dirty punk-jazz four-piece band who are based in Shanghai, China. They are a fearless act who are that steamy group that sing like its their last gig, adding a steely determination and ever-evolving creative juice saturating all over your fascinated soul.

Born from the glowing embers of hard punk Shanghai band XXYY and Scotland’s eclectic indie outfit, Torpedo Buoy, HK, UK, USA band, Hogchoker blend dirty punk, dance, funk, Balkan and South American sounds.” ~ Hogchoker

With a pulsating soundscape that has the crowd in raptures from each second, you feel the sweat building up all over the speakers as they take us on a sensationally-soaked experience, that will have you in absolute awe.

Flavoured by their Asian, British and North American backgrounds they bring a message of social justice, inclusivity and anarchic humour to their explosion of theatrical, energetic punk.” ~ Hogchoker

Hey! Snow White!‘ from the high-tempo Shanghai-based indie punk-jazz outfit Hogchoker, is a thoroughly vibe-filled new single full of intricate guitar skills, passionate vocals and a shining light which takes you on a wild journey you can’t possibly forget. The energy is electric and you can see why they were invited to Glastonbury and have played many festivals all over China and Japan. This is the type of band that leaves you quite excitedly enthralled at the end of proceedings, just the way it should be.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and check out their FB music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen