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Hidden Gems Chapter 3

Blurred Crusade Of Raptors: Captain Of The Lost Waves shows us his honest renegade ways on Death Of The Attention Span

Hidden Gems Chapter 3 by Captain Of The Lost Waves

Taken from his recent 12-track album called Hidden Gems Chapter 3, Captain Of The Lost Waves is at his magnificent best with a story that can only be explained by listening with speakers on full with Death Of The Attention Span.

Captain Of The Lost Waves is a highly acclaimed UK-based indie alternative artist who makes an array of gloriously written music to enjoy, like you’re eating heartily at a feast.

This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life affirming choruses and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world and ambient sounds.” ~ Captain Of The Lost Waves showing us into his vision

Sizzling with a stunning release that shows us his incredible creativity that is such a fantastic listen, Captain Of The Lost Waves is on top form here with an ear-soothing song. His skill level is rather excellent, and this is a single to play when you need something rather unique that will get your mind thinking deeper than you usually do.

Unfortunately gigs have had to be cancelled due to injuries sustained by the Captain and his family after being caught up in a huge multiple police car chase which resulted in them being hit by the stolen car. The impact, both physically and mentally may take considerable time to fully recover from. It will now be next year before a return to live shows can be considered.” ~ Captain Of The Lost Waves describing his arduous journey

Death Of The Attention Span from UK-based indie alternative artist Captain Of The Lost Waves is one of the most heart stopping singles you’re likely to hear this year. Showing us his wonderful quality that is truly his own style, to bring us a single that might cause some to listen on repeat.

Wrapped in a vocal elegance and infused into a message that is extraordinarily underground, this is a song that stands out from the crowd rather superbly.

Hear this top single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen