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Her Motives Are Silent delivered darkwave redemption in his spectrally lush orchestration, Running

Running by Her Motives Are Silent

In the latest single from Her Motives Are Silent, the marked-to-be illustrious Calgary-hailing innovator, Michael Valenzuela, looked into the shadows of introspection through a darkwave electronica lens that invokes Glenn Branca’s avant-garde obscurity.

‘Running’ meticulously stitches distorted vocals into the fabric of its production, ensconced amidst formidable percussive lashes flowing through syncopated rhythms and crafting a sonorous web capable of placating the macabrely-minded and unsettling the comfortable.

By implanting orchestral motifs and the spectral qualities of Porcupine Tree into the middle ground of NIN and Radiohead the single, which challenges the listener to confront their anxiety instead of simply evading it by any means necessary, is a deeply reflective score which acts as a compelling precursor to the solo artist’s upcoming debut album, Love Muse.

As the track unfolds, it pensively guides its audience towards resolution, encapsulating a journey through emotional turbulence with a promise of catharsis; the oscillating momentum ebbs and flows around the evocatively vulnerable pull of the vocal delivery, resulting in a cinematically lush auditory extension of redemption.

Running was officially released on July 19; stream and purchase the single via Bandcamp.

For more info, head over to the official Her Motives Are Silent website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Calgary’s Her Motives Are Silent pleads for that deserved peace for humanity on ‘Pieces’

Pieces by Her Motives Are Silent

With his eagerly-anticipated debut album being currently created to perfection and on the way soon, Her Motives Are Silent sends the world a song that should be heard by the current world leaders who persist to cause devastating butchery without feelings on, ‘Pieces‘.

Founded by Michael Valenzuela, Her Motives Are Silent is an experimental solo project that has been warmly created in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

His goal is solely to create art that resonates with others. Hoping to make timeless music that defies limitations. His music is a mix of genres ranging from pop, rock, piano ballads, noir, electronic, trip-hop, orchestral, psychedelic and ambient.” ~ Her Motives Are Silent

Gliding up above to lead the way for those who have lost hope and only see such haunting visions that have been thrown at them lately, Her Motives Are Silent shows such care and a leader’s mentality with a beat that will pull on all your feelings.

Pieces‘ from Calgary, Alberta-based experimental artist, composer, drummer and music producer Her Motives Are Silent, is an emotional call for common sense to prevail again in this wartorn world that needs a calm holding of hands to bring some sense of normality again. He sings with an air of love and understanding, which is such an inspiring listen. This is the type of release that will cause your heart to beat faster, as you take time to have a moment of silence for those who continue to lose their lives.

Love and peace must always conquer, not hate and war.

Hear this deep new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen