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Hei$enberg’s sensual new single ”Text Me” is fresh lovers groove for 2020

US Rapper Steven Scott aka Hei$enberg was born and raised in the small town of Jasper in Texas. Music has always been number one in this young man’s life. Women too. He started rapping with his close friends as a teen, while also writing love poems to his girlfriends in high school. The sexy ”Text Me” is the hot new track and it’s a winner.

Rapping was always a side plan until he was released from federal prison for a drug trafficking conviction. Hei$enberg used his incarceration as motivation to start being serious about his craft and make the dream happen.

After the success of his first single ”Unorthodox” and follow up ”Bad Chick”, ”Text Me” follows this same vein of success here on the 3rd release. This is a sweaty lovers anthem to party to and Hei$enberg pulls it off all the way through.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hei$enberg spits with confidence on his new track ‘Bad Chick’

Texas rapper Hei$enberg has released ‘Bad Chick’, a bouncy Southern-style rap song that impresses with confidence and charisma alone. 

‘Bad Chick’ is, in most, Hei$enberg flexing the influences he takes inspiration from. It’s a bouncy track that could feel at home in any Southern hip-hop playlist as the rapper takes his E-40-cum-UGK style of flowing into distinct pockets across the beat – and it should get most listeners grooving well enough. 

The track’s highs come fairly quickly and Hei$enberg sounds confident, and from a rapper with little in the way of back catalog, we’re looking forward to hearing more. Hei$enberg flows with a that’s underrepresented in a lot of rap, and this is the kind of track proves that dial should start swinging the other way. 

You can listen to Hei$enberg’s ‘Bad Chick’ on Spotify now.