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Can You Feel Me: Experienced Harlem rapper Sammy Smash causes back spasms on ‘Hold On’ (Remix)

As he looks extremely deep in her beaming eyes and subtly tells her exactly what she wants to hear in the moment, Sammy Smash has one thing on his mind as he turns off the lights on his new track ‘Hold On’ (Remix).

Sammy Smash is an underground Harlem, New York-based indie rapper, RnB artist, music producer, promoter and skilled businessman.

From a young age, he had the idea to sell tapes on the street which started his entrepreneurship journey, to where he is today as a well-established figure in the music world.

This is the message of moving in real close and showing your true intentions as the drinks flow – the inner instinct takes over quickly – as you find yourself in a transfixing trance to fulfill your needs, which has you physically attached with someone who you can’t stop thinking about.

Hold On(Remix) from the multi-skilled Harlem, New York City-based rapper and RnB artist Sammy Smash, is that passionate single which has the windows all steamed up. He knows that he is what she truly wants tonight and gives us the sensually stimulating presence, which has you turning up the volume to lather yourself in this fresh track.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out his IG channel for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sharif Hassan Releases New Hip Hop Track “Ghetto”

Sharif Hassan is a young hip-hop artist from Harlem, right in the most active music hub of New York. His latest single off “Dear Life” EP, “Ghetto,” is in fact an image evoking description of life and characteristic attributes of specific areas in his hometown. With an authentic sounding instrumental backdrop that literally captures the New York City life and a strong steady flow with punctuating accents throughout, “Ghetto” is distinguished with a natural delivery and a character that captures and translates the subject matter into sound.

The brassy samples, portraying hints of jazz and city life, in combination with a steady driving beat is not the only thing that makes the nature of this song so authentic. The way the lyrics are written and performed truly brings out the depiction and life style of a ghetto in a matter of factly and natural way, providing insight and intrigue to the listener. Apart from this, the delivery and rhythmic flow are also on point and keep providing interest and forward momentum throughout, making Sharif Hassan’s potential truly stand out from the rest.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Barrio Boyz Bring Together Eras Of Hip Hop With ‘Sidekicks’

With hip hop’s current love affairs with tight, crisp beats and wobbling basses, many wonder how sterile things will get before we bring back the spacious strong low end that has made so many hits bounce forth from the radio to the dancefloor. Kaysuane & Tommy2Phone have teamed up to bring us a track that brings together eras of hip hop for a brief and heartfelt track with Sidekicks.

Sidekicks is produced by RanVanDam, who certainly knows how to treat a bassline. The song feels full despite the modern touches of thin, heavily compressed drum samples. This combination works surprisingly well and the synth pads adorning the top-end of the mix provide plenty of good pitches to keep things melodic while the bass bounces and the drums move. This is a song that you can dance to, but that’s not all it has to offer. This is all ignoring the incredibly strong vocal performances that reverberate and auto-tune around a combination of influences ranging from gangsta rap to R&B. This is a song that brings together artists and can be expected to bring together people as well.