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Pennsylvania-based fusionist Ikechi Onyenaka shows us what inspiring music sounds like with Hardships

Pacifying our exasperated heads with a mellow vibe to ease all nerves into the distance, Ikechi Onyenaka shall warm all icy hearts who needed a long hug with the supremely dreamy single Hardships.

Ikechi Onyenaka is an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania-based indie jazz and blues fusionist who makes a stunning blend of smooth music vibrations for the world to be thrilled by.

After previously bringing us those twilight grooves with City Dreams, Ikechi Onyenaka performs with a rare class and shows world class skills on this latest gem. Calming to the max and never letting our hand go, this is a special soundtrack when you need 7 minutes of calm to enter the galaxy.

Hardships from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania-based jazz and blues fusionist Ikechi Onyenaka is a wonderful single which will surely make many humans smile. There is no fake flash here, only realness, and for that we must all be truly thankful. Bringing through an array of goodness, we float into a release with so much to heal with.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more of his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen