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Tune into Wave of Sheep’s punch-drunk-hardcore-punk single, TV Static

If your playlists are falling short of angsty punch-drunk-hardcore-punk, tune into TV Static, the latest single released by the Birmingham-based fourpiece, Wave of Sheep.

Their scuzzy track is 2:11-minutes of full-frontal aggression that channels the same anger that has eaten us away at us in isolation, but when it is spiralling out of frenetic tracks like TV Static, it’s a unifying cathartic experience that affirms that your anger is a sign of sanity rather than the flipside.

With nods to 70s punk in the production and hints of snarling post-punk to the vocals, you can’t help getting swept up in the track that attacks modern problems with vintage style.

TV Static is now available to stream along with the rest of Wave of Sheep’s EP, Lights Gone Out, via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trash n Privilege brought 80s hardcore punk back to the airwaves with The Pain I Like the Most.

Trash n Privilege reintroduced hardcore punk to the airwaves with their anthemically-charged EP, One More Round, featuring the standout stormer, ‘The Pain I Like the Most’. The intensity of the instrumental aggression is enough to give Melvins a run for their money.

The American punk outfit fronted by Steve Shepard takes plenty of influence from the Californian and DC hardcore scenes in the 80s. Lyrically, they’re even more of a visceral force to be reckoned with. The Pain I Like the Most is packed with the abrasive emotions that usually come with negative connotations, but Trash n Privilege proved how necessary they are for endurance.

With their curveball melodic breakdown that leads to a wall of punk discord before the outro in their nuanced track, Trash n Privilege succeeded in affirming that they’re one to watch. Anyone who likes to vent through music that doesn’t buy into the ironically toxic woke culture which manifests on Twitter through very different kinds of breakdowns will want them on their radar.

The Pain I Like the Most is available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Inner Turmoil – Grave Mistakes: Beatdown Moshing Hardcore Punk

This song is basically a big jumping fest with a bulky interlude during which it changes into a big moshing fest. Get psyched with this syringe of adrenaline!

Inner Turmoil elegantly describe the music they make as “music to punch your friends to” and we couldn’t agree more. With their song “Grave Mistakes” we can promise you that you’ll get clobbered over the head with brutal guitar riffs, fierce tempo changes, and a killer moshing end part. Their sound and songwriting doesn’t deviate that much from the standard hardcore punk/moshcore formula, but either way, this scene is not exactly infamous for the creative boundaries it’s been pushing in the last decade (at least). While this sound has remained stale for a long time now, it is the frantic live gigs and festivals that are keeping it alive and kicking. And judging by this song, catching Inner Turmoil onstage, you’re probably in for some bruises. I would love to consume this sonic beast live!

Drawing influences from the scene giants, such as Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All, Inner Turmoil are bound to make you jump around. All my hardcore kids, be sure to listen to Grave Mistakes here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis