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Covina – Mistress Misery: If Anyone’s Bringing Sexy Back in 2018; It’s this Hardcore Metal Collective

If you haven’t checked out the Hardcore Metal band Covina yet, there is no greater introduction to their sound than their latest single off their debut album ‘Rise. Fall. Repeat.Once you get past the official video introduction that looks slightly too familiar to the introduction to a James Deen Porno the music is absolutely relentless. As a genre, Metal isn’t usually known for its sex appeal, but oddly it’s inseparable from this track.

The six-piece Hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas take their sound from a variety of influences to create a pioneering sound that any Metal Snob would be happy to add to their playlists. The screams are guttural, the riffs are chunky, the double bass pedal is relentless, and the over-all cacophony is simply explosive. It was definitely enough to leave me excited. It’s no wonder that Covina stand out in their local scene.

Check out the slightly raunchy official video to Mistress Misery on YouTube using the link below:

All of Covina’s sounds are engineered to be enjoyed live, so stay up to date with Covina’s future tour dates by following the band on their official Facebook page:

Review by Amelia Vandergast