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Fire Jane – What I Say: Happy Dream Pop

Wow, this is a pleasant surprise. I mean you don’t see that many aspiring pop artists nowadays actually putting out positive, uplifting songs. ‘What I Say’ by the Boston-based pop act Fire Jane is such a case.

I can’t tell whether the 2000’s sound is something that Fire Jane is going for on purpose or if that is how she genuinely makes music but everything about this song is so it; from the singing style to the music production, this reminds me of Britney Spears’ early stuff rather than anything contemporary. And the lyrics? There’s nothing depressive or sad about them, and I feel like this is something that needs to be pointed out, as we hardly listen to anything positive in the pop music universe these days. Lizzo would be an exception, but still, ‘What I Say’ gives off this naive, loose vibe that is nowhere to be found in the current music trends.

If an audience ready to consume this type of music today exists or not, is something I do not know, but what I do know is that this is the loosen type of pop music that once upon a time ruled the world. Watch the lyric video on YouTube

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Mohe’s Track ‘Warm’ Embraces Casualness

When musical aesthetics come together, people come together. Bossa Nova swagger and lo-fi sensibility go together like…well, to be honest, how many times have we tried this? Warm by Mohe is a song that’s carefree and yet glum-sounding. Not quite melancholic but not frantic enough to be happy by the standards of EDM or modern pop. It’s simple yet completely unlike most other songs you’ll hear throughout the day. It’s not something you’d expect yourself to feel, but that’s exactly why you should be listening. You don’t need to be a fan of the Magnetic Fields to understand this brand of comfortable pop.

Mohe’s vocal approach isn’t monotonic, but it carries a certain sense of doldrums in a way that is pleasant. This is a song you could nap to while swaying in a hammock. It’s also a song that you could play on a long drive through Autumn. It’s also…well, very accessible in just about any situation that doesn’t require heaps of energy. This song embraces casualness. There won’t be a bass drop or an intense solo or a sudden, ear-shattering scream. If you feel your foot tapping, let it tap! If you find yourself swaying, sway away! It’s always good to have a reminder that we don’t need to dramatize our moods, especially our good ones. Warm is warm and Mohe is a fine choice for a slow mood.

BLAYK Mixes An Affinity For Hip Hop With This Pop Track ‘SCARS’

Music is usually at its best when it finds new ways of bringing together familiar elements. Scars by Blayk is a song with a deceiptfully positive sounding introduction. From the bright, steel-drum-sounding patches, one might be within their right to assume a happy, laid back track about catching some sun. Nothing could be further from the truth, and that’s very okay. Blayk mixes an affinity for hip hop with this pop track that digs into themes you’d sooner expect to hear in alternative rock. Although none of these pegs quite fit the expectations of their respective Q-box holes, Scars still finds a way of resonating with each audience. In a way, this artist excels as a jack of all trades.

While the world of pop music has its fair share of stars with staying power, there are always those who will be recycled. There are artists who only get 15 minutes of fame and countless songs that will scarcely be heard due to being drowned out by bigger hits. Blayk shows real potential in performance and mixing. The track is put together better than the average basement studio can achieve and the performance can outshine your local garage band. With access to more resources, there’s no reason he couldn’t rock a main stage. If fans really do have the ability to turn the spotlight of pop culture, they’d be wise to illuminate Blayk while he’s still pursuing his ambitions.

-Paul Weyer

A&R Factory Present: Anna Dellaria

At just 20 years old, singer-songwriter Anna Dellaria has performed with the likes of Chaka Khan, John Fogerty, Lamont Dozier, and more. Dellaria currently studies music at the prestigious USC Popular Music Program in Los Angeles, CA.

Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Dellaria began singing at age 6 when she discovered the soulful melodies of Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill, and began songwriting at age 12 under the imagery fueled influence of Jeff Buckley. Her ability to create has been recognized by the likes of Mike Grubbs (“One Tree Hill”; lead singer of Wakey!Wakey!), Disney music supervisor Matt Mugford, and Chop Shop music supervisor Kasey Truman.

Dellaria has had the opportunity to consistently work with world renowned performers like Patrice Rushen (Artist; “Forget Me Nots”, Performer; Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock), and Romeo Johnson (Vocalist for Michael Jackson; vocal coach for Mariah Carey,The Voice) who says, “Anna Rose Dellaria, an awesome talent! I love the natural soul that comes through her beautiful instrument! Her teachable spirit and work ethic will take her far”. Anna Dellaria continues to produce, write, and perform new music and is set to release her debut solo music this Spring.