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“Leave It” – Hana Brooks’ Fresh And Exciting Brand New Track

Hana Brooks is a young and fresh artist with a sound that is just impossible to forget. In her brand new track “Leave It” as soon s the chorus hits you’ll realise that this track is definitely going to be a success. With an immersive singable quality to the melody and a sound that is extremely radio friendly while also showing great potential for live situations “Leave It” is a song you’ll definitely enjoy listening and will most likely have you pressing repeat.

Apart from its versatility, this song’s polished sound, the way the music is arranged and the way the vocals express the lyrics and melodies, creates a very special image evoking quality that has the ability to take you on an imaginary journey even without a music video. With its characteristic pop sound carefully crafted to create unique sonorities “Leave it” offers a very unique palette that makes Hana Brooks’ sound stand out from the rest. With subtle and immersive rhythms, floating guitar and synth sounds and a vocal tone quality which features a variety of colours through the tuneful melodies, “Leave it” is definitely a song that will leave a lasting impression in your mind and prepare you for what Hana Brooks will have to offer in the near future.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja