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Hope I See You: Jiggydontspeak feels lots of lipstick on his sheets with ‘Dreams’

After eloquently showing us her expensive tastes whilst roaming around town on ‘American Express‘, Jiggydontspeak wonders if the girl that has him grinning like a cheeky cat will be making a much-awaited appearance all in his ‘Dreams‘.

Sako aka Jiggydontspeak, is quick-flowing space music rapper from Hamilton East, Waikato in beautiful New Zealand, who currently lives in busy London, England.

Dreams is a melancholic rap song on a UK Drill beat that is about trying to escape reality and find inner peace with yourself and your significant other.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

On a loaded single which has much promise, we are thrown inside the love-struck story which keeps him awake for hours on end. He can feel the lipstick everywhere he sleeps and knows that she wants more – but other random dudes are taking her away from you – as you wish that they would find other interests and leave you two alone for that quality time.

The creative process of this track was just me reflecting on the state of mind I was in at that moment and how I could express my emotions and turn it to art.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

Dreams‘ from the New Zealand-born, UK-based indie rap artist Jiggydontspeak, is a fast rapped track from a highly confident ripped artist who knows that his ultimate lover is in high demand. He feels like she needs to brush away all those other dusters, and ride with him rather, as he knows what she needs. Made with a bounce-laded flow which certainly gets you off that lazy chair, this is an imaginative song all about dreaming about that special soul you see yourself with.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Girl Got Expensive Tastes: Jiggydontspeak knows she is addicted to ‘American Express’

As she spends rather quickly like there is no tomorrow on the way, Jiggydontspeak makes her shine brightly beyond belief on the fresh new card-swiping track to get you into the mood to look extra good on ‘American Express‘.

Sako aka Jiggydontspeak, is a hardcore space music rapper born in Hamilton East, Waikato, New Zealand who currently resides in London, England.

His tone and lyrics are influenced from London, New Zealand and American culture and is noticed throughout the track, leaving the listener curious where he originates from.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

With a smoothly tipped tone and a freshly squeezed beat that tastes so wholesomely refined, his expressive lyrics bring us into the story about that girl you love so much. You are worried that she can’t get enough of spending that hard-earned money but you wish for her to be truly happy no matter the cost, so you can see that delighted glow in her beautiful eyes forever.

American Express‘ from the New Zealand-born indie hip-hop artist Jiggydontspeak, is that live-like-its-the-best-time-ever track and is stacked full of that finer taste. This is the type of track to play as you are headed out to the mall to get some fresh cuts, or on the way to the club as you feel like a million bucks.

Sometimes retail therapy can really make you feel better inside, no matter what the weather.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen