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Drink From The Bottle: San Diego band Halcyon Club set fire to the night on ‘TLITBF’

Released from their December 2021-dropped 2-track EP called ‘Dance ‘Til The Mourning‘, Halcyon Club is in pursuit of the true purpose in this life that is challenging to bear sometimes with ‘TLITBF‘.

Halcyon Club is a 4-piece multi-instrumentalist alt-rock/pop group that is based in sunny San Diego, California in the USA who seem to assemble those dreamy gems you remember from your childhood.

Sending us a mirror-filled single that is high on quality the whole way through, Halcyon Club is quite a sensational listen and stimulate our senses to hold ourselves to that much-needed accountability. With the bottle easy to reach and addictively consuming Рseeing through the darkness and into the light-filled road ahead Рis the only way to take yourself swiftly into a meaningful mindset again.

TLITBF‘ from the San Diego, California-based indie alt-rock/pop collective Halcyon Club, is such an incredibly revealing track and might be the anthem so far of 2022. We have lived in a bubble for so long that feels like a B-grade movie you wouldn’t even watch on DVD, as our minds try and break out while we find solace in things that we probably should.

Luckily through top songs like this, we may all feel a bit more comforted and can sing at the top of our lungs to get that frustration out.

Listen to this awesome new single on Soundcloud and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen