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The Jungle Invites You: SosaKollektiv shows us where the darkly lit tracks hide in Guyana

Forewarning us to watch out whilst walking late at night in a scary jungle, SosaKollektiv guides us all towards the light on the hugely fierce new single called Guyana.

SosaKollektiv is a German-based indie alternative experimental project who makes those mysterious gems which are hard to ever forget.

A band made of three german friends, who all have a different taste in music. And you can hear it in our music, as every song sounds different from the other. Instead of focusing on one or a couple mixed genres, we produce in a huge variety of genres.” ~ SosaKollektiv

Displaying a raw intensity and with an ancient map to get excited about, SosaKollektiv escape from the treacherous temple and finds that glorious place where so much happiness shall occur.

Guyana from the German-based indie alternative experimental act SosaKollektiv is one of the more unique efforts anyone on this planet will surely hear in their lifetime. Soaked in so much vibrance and impressively fusing two languages in one, this is a passionate single to sing with for hours.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen