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Everyone Leaves You In Fairer Weather: Guy is frustrated by their high and proud attitude on ‘You Know You’re Right’

With his much-anticipated 3rd album set for release soon, Guy shows his utter vexation with someone close who he wishes wasn’t so stubborn and too far into themselves, with his lively new single called ‘You Know You’re Right‘.

Liverpool, UK-based singer-songwriter Guy is an indie alt-rock/pop-fusion artist and software engineer who started performing in local bands when he was just 14 years old.

Showing us that hard-fought edge that is needed to have success in this ever-changing world, Guy displays the best version of himself with a rip-roaring performance on this dynamic single that will have you nodding your head in agreement.

You Know You’re Right‘ from the Liverpool-based alt-rocker Guy, is that honest jam of speaker-hugging proportions that we all needed to hear as it will certainly remind us of at least one person in our lives. Sung with splendid animation by a passionate singer with strong vocal ability, the lyrics here are so relatable for us in this often-selfish world. This is a single to play loud and proud when you need to get some frustration out over an individual who clearly only cares about themselves and will never ever change.

Check out his new video on YouTube and see more music career news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”I Don’t Like You” from Space Pop leader Guy Bachelor, The Bachelorettes and Oliver Lee

I Don’t Like You” is a new single from Guy Bachelor’s latest album and is off ”Never See Me Again”.

This is a pop tingled daydream and it is so well sung. The message is kind of sad. This is all about hiding a romance from friends and keeping things very private. A very common theme these days which can’t be healthy but happens anyway. The beat is quite chilled and simple with some impressive features from The Bachelorettes and Oliver Lee.

This is a song that will be played on radio and at friends BBQ’s this summer as an escape for all the seriousness in the world currently. I like the well sung vocals on this one and the chorus is very catchy and mellow. A pleasant single to vibe with- ”I Don’t Like You” ticks all the right boxes and is perfect to dance to on a Sunday afternoon while outside in the garden.

To hear this song and more be sure to head through to Guy’s Spotify music channel right now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen