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Guadalajara rock artist Silver Magpie falls in love with his best friend on ‘Cartoon Hero’

After searching for that all-important closure on his previous release called ‘Before You Leave’, Silver Magpie feels that their friendship needs to move to a new level before he leaves the homeland forever on ‘Cartoon Hero‘.

Silver Magpie is a Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie alternative rock singer-songwriter and poet who makes impassioned songs that will be stuck in your mind all day.

Since I was young, I dreamt of having a band. I started writing since I was maybe 13 years-old. I’ve made some attempts with other people to make something but I find it hard to pull together a group with a shared vision, so I went solo but with a “band name”, a one-man band.” ~ Silver Magpie

Showing us deep inside the cracked picture that displays the hurt that is now entrenched inside his soul, Silver Magpie is back with a soothing song that will get you thinking about the one that got away before you could actually say those romantic words.

I usually find myself dealing with some overwhelming emotions so, I like to think that my songs address people in similar situations and might help them feel less lonely.” ~ Silver Magpie

Cartoon Hero‘ from Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie alternative rock singer-songwriter/poet Silver Magpie is an emotion-filled song about that moment when you just knew that you would not be together like you previously envisaged. After trying for so long and realizing that you are actually running in circles for no reason, this is a track that shall take your mind into a hugely contemplative place. Sung with a real intensity and passionate message, this is a song that so many will find scarily familiar.

Sometimes you aren’t meant to be together, even if you once thought they were the one.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Have To Ask: Silver Magpie needs that much-needed closure on ‘Before You Leave’

After gusting our souls away on his first single release in anticipation of his debut album with ‘The Storm‘, Silver Magpie returns with the dance-filled visuals for ‘Before You Leave‘.

Jesús Gutiérrez aka Silver Magpie is a prolific young Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie-rock singer-songwriter and poet who makes that highly reflective music that has you pondering the reasons for lost love.

Mainly influenced by post-punk/alternative rock bands with some shoegaze/dreamy hints. I’ve always had trouble fitting in, always the weird/nerdish kid at the back of the class.” ~ Silver Magpie

As he sings so intimately about a former love and unwraps his bleeding heart out for us to help him pick up and reconstruct again, Silver Magpie brings us a sad tale that so many will truly know what is like. He displays such honesty on this new release, that you can’t help but wonder if he will ever find that all-important closure needed to fly like a free bird into the sky above.

Before You Leave‘ from the Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie-rock singer-songwriter Silver Magpie, is a well-made music video that features some awe-inspiring dancing and his signature mellow tone. This is the story about wondering why it all ended, as you look for peace so that you may move onto a new love that satisfies your entire soul with such joy.

Keeping your delicate heart happy is ultimately the only way to that true blissful long-lasting romance after all.

See this emotional video on YouTube and view more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never See Her Again: Silver Magpie wishes his true love would stay behind on ‘The Storm’

As he begins to flap his dusty wings so he can fly to where he deserves to be after sheltering away where it didn’t feel quite right before, Silver Magpie ponders deeply as to why his lover is sailing so far away and not into his arms instead on ‘The Storm’.

Silver Magpie is a Guadalajara, Mexico-born solo indie rock singer-songwriter. He is a creative soul who has hidden his feelings away for too long, as he now expresses himself through his music creations, which only seek to find his true path in this rather confusing world.

Mainly influenced by post-punk/alternative rock bands with some shoegaze/dreamy hints. I’ve always had trouble fitting in, always the weird/nerdish kid at the back of the class.” ~ Silver Magpie

You feel his underdog mentality the whole way through, as he wonders why his love doesn’t turn around and join him hand in hand in again. He is unsure about this new path they have chosen and senses that he should stay behind – even though there could be something exciting waiting for him – if he just took the chance and joined them on the current-filled sailboat.

It took some time to redefine my sound and learn new things to deliver better music. This song is dedicated to all of those who have drifted away (sailing away) from others during this pandemic.” ~ Silver Magpie

The Storm‘ from the motivated Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie artist Silver Magpie, is an emotion-filled journey about the wind-swept thoughts, that are flying dramatically into his reflective mind. He wishes it was calm and easy to work out, but for now his feelings are mixed, as he only thinks about why they left him behind.

Life can take you onto many differing paths. Ultimately, its up to you to work out which way you think the elusive treasure is hidden.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more news via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen