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From Byron Bay to New York, ‘Elements’ is Lovempires’s real-life Post-Punk gem in the dark

Taken off the full EP ‘Goodbye Darkness Hello Light‘, ‘Elements‘ is the raw and real-life Post-Punk gem from Australia-born act named Lovempire. This is the 2nd single taken off the new EP and is equally well-received from the now New York-based act.

Indie underground American/Australian darkened rock outfit Lovempire is a story of survival manifest. Morgan Phoenix is the architect of this gritty sound that is the life of the music scene. She is quite brilliant here and her vocal skills are ear-bending. This is the underground, away from the glitz and fakeness of some parts of the industry. These are the type of bands that are known as the best, respect is most cherished asset to anyone’s music bag.

You can be a good person or be naughty, that is life. This is the message here and to be the best at what you do is the point. Being yourself and being genuine is the key to life and you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you different.

The grungy post-rock-punk vibe here is brilliant. The vocals are gritty and real, you feel Morgan’s energy throughout and want to dance alongside here at the local club, its packed and sweaty. The volume needs to be turned up here for ‘Elements‘ from Lovempire.

Click here to stream.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Give 2 The People (G2P) – The Sound: Playfully Grungy Funk Metal

Playful vocals, rampant guitar riffs & tasteful wah-wah solos, a stagger drumming section & a protagonist bass guitar – the elements that more or less make up G2P sound.

G2P is a three-piece act from Tampa, Florida and you can bet that the sound they’re bringing is as sunny as their homeland. “The Sound” is a snappy funk-metal song that is bound to delight listeners that are into RCHP, Primus & Faith No More (obviously). The drumming is vigorous yet concrete; the electric guitar’s sound is palatable and brings the heat with the song’s main riff. The bass is all-around slashing and serves as the main groove provider. Regardless, I think it is the vocals that take the cake. The listener who is either way into this sound will easily perceive an immediate influence from Mike Patton – which let’s be clear, 99 out of 100 times is nothing less than complementary to a musician.

You ought to let G2P funk you up; check out “The Sound” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

South Of Summer – Lost in December: Electrifying Grungy Acoustic Rock

Are you in the mood for an act whose artistic mission is to bring back the 90’s acoustic foot-tapping rock music? If this is you, you might have just found your jam of the day.

South Of Summer is a grungy and sometimes acoustic rock act from Manchester, UK. With them, you know clearly what to expect. They draw their influence from Seattle’s early 90’s grunge scene and all things mainstream 90’s rock really. Music that is best enjoyed with a glass of scotch. By people who appreciate long-haired guys in jeans, even if they don’t have long hair themselves.

I find a compositional completeness in “Lost in December”. It’s a song that features all the elements that we love about this sound, in an exciting volume: Grungy guitar riffs and acoustic ones, a chorus that it’s strong enough to break your heart and a highly competent singer. Everything is in place with this song. Even the production is a bit 90s. If I hadn’t read their bio, I might have thought that they might have been an underground band that is around for 30 years without any mainstream success except opening up for Counting Crows once. But they only formed in late 2019.

Listen to “Lost in December” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Monstrosarus – Avarice: Desert Grungy Alternative Rock

I was a dinosaur kid when I was growing up; then puberty hit. Still, dinosaurs are widely used in pop culture as a symbol of raw, untamed power. Imagine what you are going to get when you add “monster” to the equation: You’ll get Monstrosarus.

The London,UK-based one-man band is the child of Jamie Payne, who writes and performs all their material. “Avarice” is a song that’s deeply rooted in the grunge scene of the early ’90s. The opening riff sounds like what an absolute desert rock guitar riff should sound like: like abandonment, like desertion. The pace is slowly lifted as the drums kick in, they maintain a mid-tempo beat during the verses, the guitars smell like mold, rusty, like a laggard old dinosaur struggling to get on its feet. Some subtle keys close the track.

You would expect an act that is coming with that artwork and that sound to be from a place like Arizona or Washington but I guess in 2019 these things are mere details. Stream “Avarice

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis