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Furlong – Hate Girls: Riotously Fierce Grunge Pop


Any fans of Veruca Salt, Garbage and The Breeders are definitely going to want to check out the latest single “Hate Girls” from up and coming Melbourne-based Alt Rock artist Furlong.

Furlong has well and truly revived the Alt 90s riotously grungy tone. Yet, with the dynamic energy which has been thrown into the infectiously frenzied track, they’ve stamped down their signature sound through Hate Girls. And with the cuttingly angular guitar riffs, there’s no doubt that Furlong is an absolute Alt Rock powerhouse.

It’s impossible not to share in the hype of Furlong once you’ve got a taste of their commercial potential. You can get excited about their monstrous sound yourselves by checking out Hate Girls via Spotify which is due for release on March 4th.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast