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I Can Only Imagine: Tough On Fridays pulls deeply onto our heartstrings with Daisy

Dropping their 2nd single off the upcoming full release called The Encore You Didn’t Ask For, Tough On Fridays shows us why it’s never enough when you know that something special is too damaged to continue on Daisy.

Tough On Fridays is a Texas-based Archangel Records-signed indie alternative band who has been slowly brewing on the underground with their world class sound.

Following on from the previously well-received single Growing Pains, Tough On Fridays are rather excellent on this reminder that things just don’t work out sometimes. Packaged so sweetly together to take us on a reminder-filled daydream, this is a fine track that shall guide you back into your past.

Daisy from the Texas-based alt-rockers Tough On Fridays is a supercharged soundtrack to that lost love you cherish forever. Sung with gorgeous vocals that might open up your soul again, this is a superb reminder that life has many different hazards waiting for us all when we least expect it.

Change your mood on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Siobhan Cotchin drops a remarkably forthright adulting reminder to us all on ‘Growing Pains’

Knowing that she needs to progress in her life while currently feeling like she is stuck like there is glue on her shoes, Siobhan Cotchin is at her honest best as she navigates this voyage that has no training manual with her new single, ‘Growing Pains‘.

Siobhan Cotchin is a 21-year-old Perth, Western Australia-based indie singer-songwriter who performs with the kid of vocal dreaminess that will spark your imagination alive.

“‘Growing Pains’ is a super personal song about the realities of growing up. It’s about wanting to avoid all responsibilities of adulthood and the anxieties I think we’ve all faced at some point about who we are and where we fit in the world. It’s kind of an ode to my anxiety and the way it makes me act by ‘ghosting my friends’ and just generally avoiding people. I hope with ‘Growing Pains’, people can find solace and comfort in the lyrics and know it’s completely okay to be scared of the future and not know who you are. It’s all part of being human!” ~ Siobhan Cotchin

Mirroring the feelings of so many of us who have felt the wrath of the world bite through the walls of our precious hope, Siobhan Cotchin is rather outstanding here with a marvellous creation that will have you thinker deeper about current predicaments that are affecting us all right now.

Growing Pains‘ from Perth, Western Australia-based indie singer-songwriter Siobhan Cotchin is such a superbly introspective song from a young woman who is taking time out to work out who she really is. Her vocals are pleasing on the earlobes and her lyrics are sharp and bring you deep inside her life, as she tells us exactly what is going on.

With a tremendously understandable outlook from someone who feels deeper than most – this is a reflective release of the highest standard – from a gifted artist who knows what she needs to do next after this time to build up her armour for the battles ahead.

Listen up to this wonderfully honest single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Looking Forward To This Day: Upstate New York’s Willro wants to forget and move on with ‘Growing Pains’

Released through his admirably ambitious eighteen-track album from 2021 named ‘Sad Boy Summer‘, Willro worries intensely about what might happen through the ‘Growing Pains‘.

Willro is a multi-talented Update New York-based, Brooklyn-born indie pop singer-songwriter, writer, music producer, sound engineer, photographer and college graduate. He makes that thoroughly introspective vibe that simmers all over your soul, as it has you thinking rather deeply about life and what everything really means.

You feel his wonderful voice swirling through the sun-lit summer days as he peers outside the dusty window to see everyone else having fun. Sometimes you can get into bad habits and after so much uncertainty – and its mightily understandable – however the only way to have adventure again and to feel alive inside your blood-thirsty veins, is to step outside and live again, albeit a bit more carefully.

Growing Pains‘ from the awesome Upstate New York-based indie pop artist and music producer Willro, is the story about waking up but not really getting out of bed until it might be too late. This world is a worrying place and can be full of detours that might be scary, but will need to be faced sooner or later anyway. Growing up is hard, but things will always get better if you stay positive and vow to fight through any obstacle presented to you.

Stream this thoughtful new single on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A breath of fresh air: Ellsworth drops her incredible debut single ‘Growing Pains’

Ellsworth returns with her stunningly elegant vocals and vivid storytelling on her first single called ‘Growing Pains‘.

Denver, Colorado indie-folk/Americana singer-songwriter Megan Ellsworth aka Ellsworth picked up the guitar when she was just eight years old thanks to her Dad, and hasn’t looked back since. The marvelous music melodies she makes are lodged deep in her brain and her wonderful creativity is a blessing to our lonely hearts, as she sings with such grace and class.

She is a supremely lyrical storyteller with a real tale about how growing up is challenging but that it all worked out in the end. Growing up is full of twists and turns throughout and with the support of those close, we can do anything we set our minds to.

“To actively grapple with the deeper aspects of humanity, with the complicated experience of being human that we all know and can relate to”.- Ellsworth

With a stunningly pure voice, boundless enthusiasm and a way with words that hugs deep into our hearts, she is a singer-songwriter that is finding her feet and it feels like she will only get better and better through time. Having talent is one thing but being sincere, putting in the hard work and going for your dreams through undoubted trial and error, is how you become truly great at what what you set your mind to.

Growing Pains‘ from the exciting talent Ellsworth from Denver is a spiritually awakening experience and you will get lost in her fine voice, as she weaves a pleasurable web around your mind, body and soul.

Hear these crisply gorgeous vocals on Spotify and follow her adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida act Greye rock the cobwebs off the dusty dance floor with ‘Growing Pains’

The energetic Daytona Beach, Florida based band Greye rock off the cobwebs off the dusty dance floors of 2020 with ‘Growing Pains‘.

“Progressively Independent.” This is the mantra of this fine band who inspire. They feel like it is not black and white but many shades of Greye. They rock the house down with that extra special sound and they turn up the volume on everything.

After the success of recent single, ‘So Far So Good‘, this is another quality addition to a growing discography that is getting better and better.

Greye show us that good indie rock music is still out there and alive on ‘Growing Pains‘. The vocals here are so fab, the guitar riffs powerful and the groovy style shimmers the stage. The light are on and glowing here with a top single. Hannah, the lead vocalist finds a lovely balance and tone, this is a terrific listen that shakes your heart.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen