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Showing a humorously honest side in tough times: Berlin’s Grizzly Bird drop funny visuals for ‘The Drummer’s Trauma’

The elevator door slides gently open, the burning creativity has returned after two years of a hiatus away from writing, and the story begins again. The Music Shop is the home of this Indie-Folk experience that certainly wets the appetite of our eyes and ears. Berlin based Indie-Folk-Rock trio Grizzly Bird return to the airwaves of the world with their hilarious music video, named ‘The Drummer’s Trauma‘ which was produced by Cameron James Laing at The Famous Gold Watch studios in Berlin.

His voice shows the pain of life at work, it seems like a great idea but now he is growing tired of this charade. This is a funny video with the main character getting hassled all the time and waking up in sweats from the stress. The cheeky chorus is very cleverly constructed to make you sway around with a smile on yourself, reflecting on previous experiences with some musicians that didn’t make a good impression.

A mellow Indie-Folk flow that is formulated so neatly, the energy gets you to tap your feet and sing too, always a sign of a terrific song. The melody is filled with a vivid sense up humour, the chilled guitar makes you smile and this is a fun song to listen to. The percussion keeps ticking over, and the honest track is terrifically meshed together to put the listener into the mind of a business owner, who is tired of dealing with petty problems that engulfs his mind.

The Drummer’s Trauma‘ from Berlin based Indie-Folk-Rock trio Grizzly Bird, is such an entertaining video with an end that is out of The Walking Dead at times. This is a return to the music scene, and a fresh start to greater heights awaits.

See the video here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen