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Anglo-American Indie Rock Blind Atlas Release “Space Americans”

Some songs make you wait for the payoff and are all the more effective for it. A David Gilmour solo just isn’t the same without the bitter anticipation that drags us there. The art of letting a song build without putting half the audience to sleep is a worthy endeavor. People forget how dynamic the greats were when we fixate too much on how loud they eventually got. Blind Atlas knows how to use silence and let their instrument layers breathe during verses. Their song Space Americans is a performance that’s intimate and welcoming for anyone passing by, all the while hiding the true nature of their potential energy.

When you’ve finally become enthralled in the shallow, minimalist mix of the song, you feel as if you’ve been slowly pulled out to sea by an ever-pulling tide. This is when the party finally starts and you’re abruptly hit by wave after wave of fast-paced rock instrumentation that does feel like a callback to those awesome louds and highs of some of rock’s greatest. This masterful use of dynamics energizes the song in an infectious way. Even when you know the push is coming, you still find yourself settling into the softer side of the song every time.

-Paul Weyer


A&R Factory Present: THØSS

THØSS is a 6ft 6” artist from Fleet, UK. A songwriter and purveyor of the DIY music mentality. Fascinated by nostalgia, THØSS looks to the old to make the new. 

His debut EP ‘Benchwarmer’ will be available later this Spring with debut track IWITW being re-leased last month. In the space of the track’s short release life it managed to reach number 2 on the Spotify UK Viral Chart and number 4 on the Global Viral Chart, amassing well over 350,000 plays. It was been added to Apple Music’s “Best Of The Week” playlist and has picked up support from BBC Introducing in London. 

‘The Meter‘ will be the second release off the upcoming EP – spikier than its predecessors, this track was born out of suburban staticity and THØSS’ frustration with the world for leaving him be-hind. 

It will be available to buy/ listen to on all retail platforms. 

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