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Wetworx (Bza and Takcalb) straps up quick to get the treasure loaded into safer waters with, ‘THE RAID’

After falling out for a while as their friendship took a turn downwards for a few unfortunate years, Wetworx (Bza and Takcalb) return united as one with aggressive aplomb and reminds all underground Hip hop heads what they have been missing out on with, ‘THE RAID‘.

Wetworx (Bza and Takcalb) is a rugged Hip hop duo who have never given up on their mission to make that raw and grimy style that is always true to their lifestyle.

As they fill up the bag while letting it be known that they are on a ride-or-die quest to win at whatever cost, Wetworx roar like hungry lions and sparks up our imaginations on what it’s like when you need to get that paper in before its too late. The rap skills on offer here are of a higher grade than most, as they reverberate in with an edgy technique that is packed with those real streets stories that others make up with impetuous abandon.

THE RAID‘ from the underrated Hip hop duo Wetworx (Bza and Takcalb), clutch that mask and pop that trunk to let us know that they are doing what they need to survive. Speeding up and looking for that treasure with their eyes wide in their bold mindset, this is a gangsta single that shows the mood of the hood right now in this wild world.

Taking everything they want inside this real track that only those on the streets can relate to, this single might have you feeling like this is one of the most fearsome rap releases heard all year.

View the YouTube video and see more vibes from this hardcore crew via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RealFlexxin takes his 2nd chance with ”Right or Wrong”

Right or Wrong” is about being supported when you are doing everything right and if you would still support as passionately, when that same person is at his worst? This is the ultimate question from singer & emcee RealFlexxin on his debut track, does he still have the backing of his friends, family and fans during the good and bad moments.

With a dark and moody feel, this song will put you in a different vibe, the production is so well done and it feels like a song from a 90’s movie.

With a sad intro all about self-isolation, this is a deep track that is full of drug overdose & alcohol influences, a habit that is sure hard to kick. Luckily, music heals and this R&B and Hip Hop grimy beat, blends perfectly with the picture of this song.

The troubled Realflexxin is doing his best to eliminate those pesky demons on “Right or Wrong” and being alone is not a good thing for this gifted performer. He paints his life picture about drinking, drugs, and lost friends with expert ability and we hope that he finds the support around him to help him carry on his fine music career.

Stream RealFlexxin right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen