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Ohio-based rapper Dooley knows that it’s going down on ‘Green Lantern’

After surviving the bullies and moving his philosophy onto a new path of what is actually possible if you believe in yourself enough, Dooley shows that dragon-like fire in his belly with the new single, ‘Green Lantern‘.

Dooley is a Cleveland, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist who returns with the latest track off his new album, ‘Just Play My Shit‘.

Every person in my family made music or participated in an activity that involved music.” ~ Dooley

Sending our imagination into a whirlwind of emotions that can either make or break you, Dooley raps with a style that takes his perspective into a compelling world and it feels that he is only gaining that all-important momentum like a runaway train.

Green Lantern‘ from Cleveland, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist Dooley, shows us a highly motivated artist who flows with a rugged intensity and does things his own way. This is the type of feet tapping track that is best to play when you need to take the next step, to move onto a new passage that is ultimately best for you, not anyone else.

Hear this bouncy track on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen