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Good Times Again: UK Downtempo act A Better Life take us to beautiful Crete with the exceptionally beautiful ‘Souda Bay’

Mellowing lives like professional music healers and taken off their dashing debut album called ‘Take A Deep Breath, A Better Life ease our head-scratching worries, with a tremendous lead single that will have you daydreaming lustfully on ‘Souda Bay‘.

A Better Life is a stunning UK Downtempo/electronica outfit that incorporates that relaxed state of mind to further your valuable consciousness from dark thoughts, to bring forth a reflective escape to mend our broken fences within.

”The track is inspired by the Souda Bay area of the Greek island of Crete, where A Better Life writer and producer Phil Daniels wrote the vast majority of the music in the summer of 2020. The music was written to convey the tranquility and calmness of the area”. – A Better Life 

The overriding feeling is one of total peace and love, the sunshine-entrenched stunner certainly has your mind in a better place to be productive, or just to relax and replenish your soul from the madness. This is such a mellow beat that you might need your shades on throughout, as the glorious soundscape is one for the books.

Souda Bay‘ from new UK Downtempo act A Better Life, does indeed make everything seem okay again with a heart-pulling performance of such classy guitar-filled beats, earthy vocals and much-needed care. You feel like you are indeed somewhere far from all the nonsense of the commercial world and this is the power of great music. It can heal you in an instant, with a cascading ambiance of drifting and much-needed perspective. A Better Life indeed.

Stream this soothing new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Following The Pattern: Korfian returns with Catholic Church-inspired ‘White Smoke’

The unique Korfian is back with a hypnotizing new single all about the story of the Cardinal on a song that will have you thinking within on ‘White Smoke’.

Korfian is the music project of indie recording artist and graphic designer, Spyros Psarras who is based in Athens, Greece.

With influences such as Zola Jesus, Woodkid, Florence + The Machine, Ladytron and iamamiwhoami, you can feel his tense beat style of music, as you know you are witnessing an artist who makes music to satisfy his creative urges, not to be involved in any type of fad.

You feel his vocals wash over you, as he takes us through a lesson in history with his storytelling ability and knowledge about the subject. The lyrics open the door and lead you in, as the haunting melody flashes intensely into your eyes.

White Smoke’ from Korfian is the song that will have you in a gaze, as you think about your own beliefs and religion. This is a song that feels movie-like and will be in your mind for a while, as you try and take it all in.

Stream this new song on his YouTube and follow the IG for more release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dust to gold: Greek band Pulse. raise our heartbeat with the terrific ‘Red World’

Taken off their latest eight-track album recorded with a real purpose in mind, Pulse. illuminate our minds with the vividly stunning effort called ‘Red World‘.

Pulse. are a Athens, Greece five-piece alternative indie-rock act with a clear vision for making music to help bring us closer together, in this polluted world full of garbage and divisiveness.

Inspired by the different cities they have been to over the years, you can certainly feel the British-fused sound lighting up their three guitar core and strong vocals, that only transmits a welcome edge that is so sharp and mighty.

This is the story of finding that person you used to be, through a special lover that lights up your mind again. The world is red right now as it burns to the ground and by meeting that mind-changing human, you can find the open door again and flourish like you should.

The electric guitar sizzle captures your body into a different type of trance you are used to, as their energy has your heart beating extra fast to their whirlwind sounds of magnificence.

Red World‘ from powerful Greek five-piece gems Pulse., is a translucent sound of meaningful emotions from a riveting band that play music to bring this planet happiness, away from all the bad things going on. This is a sterling effort that sprays only sunshine through the cloudy skies.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud and see more info about future live shows soon on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dance music you can really feel: Nightshadow drops special new single ‘All Of Your Love’

Nightshadow emerges from the darkness to bring us a wonderful song to dance to on the new single ‘All Of Your Love‘.

Nightshadow is a Greek mainstream DJ, producer, electronics and computer science student, and re-mixer with a keen ear for a busty beat that makes you blush with excitement when you put on his music and turn it up loud.

He has been dreaming of being a DJ since has was just eight years old when he played around with his Dad’s old turntables. With a real passion for the genre, you can see why he also has a smile on his face and loves what he does. Entertaining the crowd and make people happy through music is the vision and the goal is to get his music out there to the world to enjoy.

When you do something you love, it isn’t really a job but is a passion that you do and get paid for. You can feel his intoxicating exuberance as his music gets you onto that dance floor and makes you happy. This is a true master at work.

The euphoric backing vocals gets you into the mood right away and the beat just somehow gets better and better. This is all about feeling happy and you can’t help but get off your couch and get those feet moving. This is what music is all about after all.

This is the story about wanting to be together with that special soul as you don’t want to waste your time anymore. You are ready for the real thing are waiting to bump into the right person when its meant to be.

After playing all around Greece and London, this is a motivated man who is looking for the next step and he might be onto a winner here. This is exactly the type of song that is a party starter and dance floor slider for the fans who want to be out again.

All Of Your Love‘ from Greek DJ is a Nightshadow is an excellent release and shows that real love is out there; through music.

Hear this catchy new single here on Spotify and see the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking deeper within: Mysterious indie-electronic artist Itsallzenhere fascinates with love-torn single ‘I Was So Blind’

Itsallzenhere is back with his love-torn story about a crush that seems to have gotten away on his single called ‘I Was So Blind‘.

Unintelligiblekai aka Itsallzenhere is a fascinating Greece-based underground indie-electronic musician who has made a song that forces you to look much deeper within than most music out there, due to a break-away style that is ever-evolving and original.

It seems as though this is an artist who is dealing with so much pain from being with someone that he truly adored. With a voice that breaks up on occasion and forces you to listen really intently, he is expressing his pain to what happened. He appears to still be dealing with it and is working out in his mind what transpired and to start the healing process.

When you are in love or lustful, it is so hard to make sense of things when they end. You tend to blame yourself and this only leads to a longer time to heal. Its easier said than done to move on, take it on the chin, learn from mistakes and turn the page but this is the only way to be happier again, faster.

With a unique music style, he is a pleasure to listen to and you feel that there is much potential here if he can market himself well, find a close community of fans that keeps on growing and shares his music to new friends. Or he might just want to make music for himself as a healing process and perhaps we will never know. That is the beauty of music, it is there to make us think, inspire and to calm our minds from the crazy world before us.

I Was So Blind‘ from Itsallzenhere is a fascinating journey of simmering sounds that is like a mystery we love to find out more about.

Hear this thought-provoking new single on YouTube and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Emerald Dream release latest Rock single Acheron Galaxy

Infusing that old school Rock essence through the latest piece ‘Acheron Galaxy’ by Emerald Dream, it’s manic, it’s loud and it’s an insane piece of music.

Starting off with the thunderous shreds on the guitar, adding in that hard-hitting drum beat as the instrumentation serves pure loudness as the volume is amped up and everything becomes a bit more chaotic, adding in a fast pace tap on the piano keys to intertwine with the melody.

Everything about this piece gives the lovers of Rock and Roll what they want, the vocals have a gruff sounding tone to them, speeding up a lot as the tune on the piano keys gets faster and faster, than dragging out the instrumentation and the vocals to create that suspenseful rhythm as everything kicks back into full volume, insane guitar solos, the forceful band on the drum and hitting every piano key perfectly, everything joining together in the best way.

Now if you haven’t checked this one out by Emerald Dream then you must.

Listen to Acheron Galaxy by Emerald Dream by heading on over to Youtube now.

Review by Karley Myall