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Moving on from lost love: Graham Edmonds drops new indie-folk breakup single ‘Let’s Let It Lie’

Graham Edmonds brings his incredible voice to the masses on his excellent new release called ‘Let’s Let It Lie‘.

Soulful American singer-songwriter, USC Thornton School of Music student and screen actor Graham Edmonds is from small-town Lawrence, Kansas. He is now based in big-city Los Angeles, California to turn his huge dreams into realistic reality, in-front of the bright cameras and behind the magical mic.

With a lovely indie-folk style, this is a singer-songwriter that puts his heart and soul into each word that he performs and the melody is rather sweet, yet so sad at the same time. The folksy rhythm is one that you would put on late at night, while thinking of that special person in your life that got away. You regret that it happened but at the time, it felt so right.

His voice gives the impression that he is sorry for this breakup but he knows it needed to happen for both of you, to move on and be strong. The vocals are tender and honest, the story makes you think of past breakups and how hard they were at first, before after a while you regained your confidence and moved on upwards, to find that love that was right for you.

Let’s Let It Lie‘ is the profound story from the supremely talented Graham Edmonds¬†that shows us that sometimes love doesn’t work out and we need to go our separate ways and it’s okay. Things happen for a reason and as long as we deal with it in a classy way, that is all we can really do.

Stream this thought-provoking new single on his Spotify and see the next step in his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen