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Gotta Make It

King Brian versed the gospel of manifestation in his latest alt-RnB single, Gotta Make It

Gotta Make It by King Brian

King Brian (AKA Brian Christopher Brown) is a master of all creative trades, and jack of none; the Michigan-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter, dancer, author, filmmaker and producer honed his talents at a young age, and at this stage of the game, he is nobodies’ pawn.

His latest single, Gotta Make It, is an extension of his impassioned aspiration to become a catalyst for positive transformation worldwide; also noted through his series of books which explore how to unlock enlightenment, fulfilment and self-actualisation. By fusing the soul of RnB and the conviction of rap verses within a melodically tight, and transcendentally iridescent all-consuming pop-hooked production, Gotta Make It is an unflinching statement of intent from an artist determined to bring his rapidly expanding audience to gaze through his illuminated and empowered world view.

Gotta Make It surpasses the tired hustler hip-hop tropes by delivering the gospel of manifestation to anyone ready to take control of their lives, instead of blindly wishing for kismet or karma to pay them their dues.

Gotta Make It is exclusively available on Bandcamp until the single reaches all major streaming platforms on July 7th. Find your preferred way to listen here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast