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Gorilla Odd Releases Alt-Pop Experimental Track ‘Way Away’

What do you get if you mix Britpop guitar jangle, lo-fi indie vibes, stoner grunge, shoegaze haziness and alt-pop experimentalism? No, me neither, but you can bet that Alex Bragg, the man behind Gorilla Odd, has got that bands poster on the wall of his studio. If you are the sort of person who likes music that fits into neatly labelled pigeonholes then Gorilla Odd may come across as a bit of a challenge but if the idea of music which confounds and confuses, in the very best of ways, then Alex’s crazy creations are just what you have been looking for.

It is also music that stands up to hours of musical dissection, often being built of sounds that have no business hanging out together yet forming brilliant juxtapositions as he weaves pop charm through prog rock structures, blends indie poise with rock power, stoner detachment with intense sonic shoegazery. Much like life, it reflects the idea that you don’t really need to always know what is going on to have a lot of fun.