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Patience is Wearing Thin: LA artist Rehd seeks inner calm during stormy days on ‘Chill Out’

The proud son of the legendary musician Anthony Hamilton, Rehd carries on creating his own lane of success and impresses highly on the new single that will have you taking a deep breath called ‘Chill Out‘.

Rehd aka Young Prince Love, is a massively talented Charlotte, North Carolina-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie goodie rap singer-songwriter. He makes a style of music that is rather sparkling, as his imaginative soundscape is quite breathtaking at times due to its unique bounce.

I wrote this song to keep myself under control when my emotions run too wild.” – Rehd

This is the story about taking a step back after someone really got under your skin – as you want to sort them out by showing force – but know that ultimately it really isn’t worth it. You rather take this moment and capture it, with a song that shows your intentions if they push you any further, towards doing something you don’t want to.

Chill Out‘ from the fantastically free-spirited goodie rap singer-songwriter based now in LA named Rehd, mellows the vibe out real cool to keep the emotions in check, as things could get heated and out of control real quick. He shows us his vibrantly exciting style which showcases his bursting energy in full effect. Its all about using your brain when things get heated after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen