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The Mind Likes To Trick You: Joshua Woo will always remember that special smile on Goodbye

Reminiscing back to the past and walking that path back to a special moment, Joshua Woo knows that it’s time to wave Goodbye to something that has to move on for two hearts to fully heal.

Joshua Woo is a UK-based indie alt-electro artist, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who formulates splendidly calming music to heal the world.

”’This song has been around for a while. Going through many different permutations. It feels appropriate it should all come together now. As this song feels like saying goodbye to the year that is leaving us and hello to the new one incoming.’ ~ Joshua Woo

Compelling to the core and never letting go of its authentic atmosphere, Joshua Woo sends our roots into a reflective state of affairs on this underrated gem. This is a song which will surely be timeless as it is packed with so much vocal quality to savour like fine wine.

Goodbye from the multi-instrumentalist and music producer Joshua Woo is a stunning soundtrack which will be entrenched in the souls of millions. This is an honest story which so many shall find rather familiar, in a world where relationships seem to end quicker than before.

When you feel like its time for closure, it’s probably time.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Tearful Goodbye: Castle KYD pays a fitting tribute on ‘Final Tape For A Dead Plant’

As he Sherlock Holmes-y found the sneaky hidden key and got out of a horrid place he wholeheartedly dreaded on previous single ‘Menagerie‘, Castle KYD rocks the chair and says goodbye to a former friend who couldn’t speak back on ‘Final Tape For A Dead Plant‘.

Castle KYD is a supremely skilled professional escapist and solo indie alt-rock/pop musician who makes a blend of meaningful creative sounds that are totally original and pushes boundaries that helps him to be truly unique.

Created as an Alter-Ego for an adult who never knows how to be outspoken about his inner enigmas—realizing that behind the walls he put up, he could still speak.” ~ Castle KYD

With a sad sigh and a regretful wish that there was more time despite the water stream that somehow didn’t help the flow of life, he sings with a deep affection for a helpless creation that was around during some good times. A peacefully transfixing background has been added to perfection here from a marvelous musician and thoughtful human, who feels emotions more than most. This is what makes him such a tremendous artist – easily capable of pulling on your heartstrings and taking them on a journey to a world above – that is much better than the current pollution-rampant one we all reside in.

Final Tape For A Dead Plant‘ from the tremendously original indie rock/pop artist Castle KYD, is a tear-educing track all about saying a final thank you to a missed plant, who sadly shriveled away too soon. Made with love to a quiet nature-loving listening friend who will be missed, this is a peaceful track all about paying tribute to a short but important life.

Hear this caring new track on Spotify and see more of his travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On They Drift: Likable Laguna Beach band Gingsu break the silence after saying goodbye on ‘Road Song’

With their sunken eyes set on the visible road but thinking so deeply about what just happened, Gingsu effortlessly remind us how hard it is when you leave someone close you really care about on ‘Road Song‘.

Gingsu is a summer-cool Laguna Beach, California-based alt garage/rock three-piece act. They formed recently during the pandemic in early 2020 and make that profound type of music that has your mind racing with memories, as they bring your emotions in check with meaningfully tasteful lyrics.

Road Song is a send-off to the many internal contrasting emotions one feels after saying final goodbyes- during that seemingly infinite drive home.” – Gingsu

His strongly textured voice shows so much robustness, with a band that back him up with a clear sound that brings your closer to the tender speaker, so you can hear each word in unison. Their obvious togetherness is easy to see and for a young band  they certainly show so much promise – as they sound like a quality outfit with so much more to surely come.

The melodic layers are so welcoming as you get into the song more and more, the story is so relevant during this horrific time, where mental health has been pushed to the absolute edge of the line.

Road Song‘ from the Laguna Beach alt/garage-rockers Gingsu, opens up the road to travelling through that quiet moment when the car is so quiet – as you have just said goodbye – for perhaps the last time ever. Your mind is alert but you feel saddened, and wish that you could say more but just can’t.

Hear this purposeful new single from the likable band via their Spotify and see what they get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA Americana artist Natalie Duque sings with such sadness on the new single ‘Stay’

Natalie Duque sings with such sadness about a lost family member on the new single ‘Stay‘.

Natalie infuses soulful folk melodies with a pop-infused style, her music is so sad but beautiful at the same time. Her voice is stunning, almost haunting and with such pureness that gets your heart beating so much faster. Her delivery is masterful on this story of not being able to see a loved one for the last time.

Tomorrow is not promised. This is a sad story about how you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. The roads were cold and and it was snowing. She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and the next day, he didn’t make it. You regret this moment so much but there is nothing you can do now but cherish the memories of his life.

Natalie Duque has that type of voice that makes you stop and listen intently. ‘Stay‘ is about the loved one that sadly passed away and the indie-pop care with this song is quite beautiful from the LA singer.

Click here to stream on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bomethius sings sweet melodies to share his wedding story on ‘Goodbye, Covid​-​19’

Goodbye, Covid-19 by Bomethius

Goodbye, Covid​-​19‘ is a beautiful story from the soft but striking vocals of the extremely talented Bomethius.

Bomethius is the alter-ego recording alias of Jonathan Hodges who is a Dallas based-musician. An accomplished violinist, Hodges started studying music at age 3. Addressing doubts, fears, and disappointments from his own personal experience, Hodges recorded the first two Bomethius albums alone in his bathroom and quickly developed a unique baroque pop sound informed by melancholy, and wit. This is an artist that loves to challenge himself and make striking, real music.

Goodbye, Covid-19‘ chronicles Jonathan’s experience with getting married in the midst of a pandemic. It’s not really something he would recommend, but despite the fact that, him and his wife were deprived of their original venue, the majority of their close friends, and some of their family too. They found it to be surprisingly beautiful and while the world appears to be a long way off from actually saying goodbye to this virus, the song is about how good it will feel whenever we do finally get to say goodbye to Covid-19, and hello to one another — in person.

With breezy vocals and a soft piano that adds such a relaxing energy to this fine song ‘Goodbye, Covid​-​19‘ from Bomethius. This is one of the better songs on 2020 from such a genuine musician who shows us how crazy life has been lately.

Stream here from Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Arizona born Jon Davis impresses with the breakup anthem of 2020 ”Goodbye”

Some people are so ruthless with your heart. They treat you how they wish and are quick to end things to suit their own needs. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and cut the cord. You want to be happy and you feel like it’s the right time to be single again.

Jon Davis is a performer that has that extra special voice. He sings so purely and with absolute joy. The enjoyment levels are sky high and he has a soul vibe that can’t be taught. He just has it. I feel his uplifting music in my bones and just want to see him live and get a closer look. Coming from an acting and classical training background helps a lot as confidence is no problem. Jon doesn’t overdo it like some artists however. You can feel that he is humble and is on a mission to get his music heard all over the world.

Goodbye’‘ is in my opinion the breakup anthem of 2020. It’s been a strange year and we all just want it to end. Jon Davis strides through with confidence and to tell us all that no one is going to play him any further. With such soul and a funky beat, this is a top song that will certainly get radio and playlist love all over the globe. A full album is due for later on this year and it is already much-awaited.

Stream this song and more on Spotify from this young artist with a massive future.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen