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Happy sounds are in abundance with Ito and the Moonlight Hippies on ‘Shooting Star’

Happy sounds are in abundance with Ito and the Moonlight Hippies on their infinite galaxy-reaching ‘Shooting Star‘ and this is a humble song made with love and new-found consciousness. This is one of the best indie tracks of 2020 with a melody that will keep you smiling for hours.

This has an earthy free buzzing bee type of feel and a journey to find yourself. Being with friends who truly get you and will be there no matter what. Keeping things simple and looking for that special vibe always.

Ito and the Moonlight Hippies are quite fantastic on ‘Shooting Star‘ and this is a self-aware song that is also dripped in looking at the stars, finding good vibes throughout the galaxy. This is the type of music that reminds me of Jeremy Loops from South Africa and the quality shines like a bright star on this inspiring new single. This is that campfire burnin’ story that is best with joined hands, cooking food on the fire and enjoying life as one. Peace and love do exist thanks to music like this.

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Mika Mamon is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance’

Mika Mamon is a UK-based singer-songwriter, originally from the Philippines. She is now based in Saltburn on the North Yorkshire Coast. She is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance‘ and this is a lovely new single about sweet love.

Mika is a nurse, singer-songwriter and she loves people, music and good vibes. A signed artist from Slider Records, she is fully focused on making music that is positive for the soul. No fake music is allowed and this is music from the heart. You might be a bit worried about what this is all going to do but things happen for the best.

With succulent vocals, Mika has the ability to put you in a better place than before. ‘Holiday Romance‘ from Mika Mamon is a fine effort, this is the type of music that makes you smile. You lay back and wonder of better times in the world. This is that romance kind of song that keeps you lifted and in good spirits.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Adam Kilner sings with love and passion on the stunning ‘Come, Sit for Awhile’

Taken off his exciting debut solo album ‘Freedom Tapestry’ from Adam Kilner shows us the deep corners of his mind, soul, and spirit for all the world to see face to face. This is that proper grown up music. Real feelings and getting inside that soul. His musical soul finds its groove and seems to flow through.

The world is such a confusing place sometimes and luckily we have Adam to bring calm into our lives here. This is music to relax to, take a long drive to and play again and again. This is that sad love story and be apart for many moons. The passionate scream for better times as then the music settles. The piano strikes a perfect balance as we sway our whole bodies.

Come, Sit for Awhile‘ from Adam Kilner is an old school ode to the romantics out there, the dreamers and lovers. With the year a confusing mess, we need something to believe it. By taking a breath, we can now truly heal again and recover that boost that you need.

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‘Slop’ from Australian band Horse Meat! is so authentic and deserves a listen

Horse Meat by Horse Meat!

Slop‘ from Horse Meat! is the self-confessed ugliest parts of new wave electro and the most fetching parts of post-punk, all combined to make the most intriguing effort of 2020 so far.

Melbourne, Australia must be proud of an act like this, they grab you so close and toy with you almost. This is about gaining respect, the air needs to change and the world needs to be so much kinder.

With the vivacious vocals written and performed by the outstanding Annie Fox, this is a whirlwind of a song that leaves you wanting more. Produced in the spare bedroom at Gooch St, the blends the cruelness of humanity and the beauty at the same time. An acclaimed feat indeed as so many issues face our world.

Slop‘ from Horse Meat! is a call for us to be better, do things with a meaning and be happy. The solos are so electric, the energy is striking, the beat keeps you in the loop always. The glassy sound is so different and you realize that this is an experience. Life is so vivid and this is an experience. A rare one of such genuine music in a toxic world with acid re-flux.

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Ben Kidson flows in with his soulful music on ‘Mind Made Up’

Ben Kidson is a producer, creative and blessed singer-songwriter who has just dropped his new single called ‘Mind Made Up‘.

This has cats, fires and lost love. A song all about breaking up due to personal differences can be very tough and this is an indie story that delves deep into the heart. You can’t do everything so there needs to be two people on the same mindset otherwise it just won’t work unfortunately.

With a pop-filled grungy guitars with ravishing RnB sexy synths to sprinkle a sonic platter of a full meal of music. The self-described “punk-pop and everything pink” style is foremost in the mind. The sparkle is bright here and you sit while thinking of past relationships here. Your mind races and you think of how to be a better person next time.

Ben Kidson sings with such passion on Mind Made Up and this is a song to put on full volume on your lonely speakers. With a top team of cinematographer Miguel Carmenes and direct by indie filmmaker Oh Neve on the video, this makes everything right again. A top song and an excellent video to match.

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Tigon Speaks about what the world really needs: ‘Talk Real’

Released off Gospel Street Ministries who are a Christian-based production company that seeks to inspire and influence generations through positive, creative productions. They are working hand in hand with the promising artist Tigon on ‘Talk Real‘ and this is apart of a 3 track release ‘This Is My Roar‘ that growls just right to help us heal. This is the conscious Hip Hop that is faith based and made with meaning.

This is about that change that need to make you life better. Life is so stressful and the current work isn’t satisfying, you feel like a zombie. You aren’t the person you used to be when you look in the mirror. This is that real talk and a subject that is often swept under the carpet and forgotten about until the next vacuum of life happens again.

There is a lot of regret and self-reflection here which is so admirable. You are now taking the time to heal up as you have made some mistakes and want to be a better person. ‘Talk Real‘ is a quality release and a real story about what life is life behind the curtains and Tigon performs with passion and love.

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‘Never’ from Salt Lake City band Steve Michels & Foreign Figures is a widely enjoyable rock single

Orem in Utah is the home of Foreign Figures and they are in formidable form here on ‘Never‘.

The band members are Steve Michels, EJ Michels, Seth78, JonnyT and they all met while overseas and this bond has only strengthened over time. The sounds are explosive, well-delivered and with a flair that is so rare these days.

After proudly sharing the stage with the likes of X Ambassadors, Lukas Graham, Kesha, and American Authors plus touring their first EP ‘Overzealous‘ throughout the USA in 2019, the band hit the studio to create their next wave of music. The year has been crazy but productive too.

This is a love-filled pop rock track about wanting to be with someone so badly that it hurts. You are on a daydream and just want to be happy and not be a ghost. You feel that this love would be so strong if given the chance. Sadly things don’t seem to be working for you this time. You may need to find a new love or fight through for now.

Foreign Figures are on top form with ‘Never‘ and this is a late night song that is both sad and reflective, the mystery of love is all to see. The Utah band are a dazzling outfit that are worth a listen.

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London’s Tamarind Dream take us on a groovy lo-fi ride with ‘Grapefruit’

Tamarind Dream take us on a groovy lo-fi ride with ‘Grapefruit‘ and this is a lovely track to help us all in 2020.

This young London-based group and are making waves and we are just enjoying the ocean. This is so smooth with classy attributes for our ears.

You fight so hard for that extra bit of energy. It’s that bittersweet moment as you know that it is there but you need to find it. New memories are on the way and you just need to fight through this currently moment. Time will help but you you want this moment now.

Tamarind Dream are quite glorious on the new single called ‘Grapefruit‘. This is a fruit lo-fi mix of wonderful music that will surely cheer you up. This is one of the best tracks of the year so far due to its awesome vibe and subtle lyrics. Here is some pure Psychedelic R&B that will make you happy. This is a welcome 2020 release and this is a fine track.

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The Bow sing about the painful memory of heartbreak on ‘Desire’

The Bow sing about the painful memory of heartbreak on ‘Desire‘ and they are so poignant on their new Indie Pop single with meaning.

The Bow are a new band consisting of members of TAOF (The Art of Fusion). They are a quality outfit and this is a marvelous song to boost our souls in 2020. With a mellow outlook, this is exactly the healing type of song that makes a difference.

You loved each other so much but sadly things ended. This is the way things are and you can’t stand it. There are good days and bad days, the love was so strong and then it ended. You will recover and this was been a good life lesson.

Desire‘ from The Bow is a Pop track for the ages and you can feel the quality here. The vocals are softly delivered but with meaning and this is a new track from deep down in the soul. This is a new band that are just starting out but with songs like this, we will be hearing lots about this fine act.

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‘Me and You’ is story about love from the fresh new talent Samara

Me and You‘ is story about love from the fresh new talent Samara and she is absolutely incredible here. Released on her birthday (Happy Birthday Samara), the young artist shines so bright.

Australian born passionate, this motivated 27 year old urban-pop singer Samantha Demmler aka Samara, grew up with music in her veins and is the oldest of four girls. In 2014, Samara started to really make a commitment and dedicate herself to her music career due to the sad loss of her Mother. This incredible loss took a huge toll on her but through music and those close, she has risen again to express herself, through music. With big dreams, you can feel that Samara is on a mission to use what she has learnt and use these memories to do what she loves.

Working with producer Eric Erickson alongside Daniel Williams, Excel Beats, Tezz Morgan and Ryan Streeter paid off here as with there touching vocals that guide her through each note effortlessly. This is a indie buzz full of lovely vocals. You feel like she can do any genre, her sound so classy and silky smooth. ‘Me and You‘ from Samara is a pop journey of sweet sounds that wins our hearts.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen