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Valiancy gives us our ‘Good Vibes’ fix in his latest alt-pop sonic sanctum.

With the sweet harmonic Beach Boys-style soul against the Saul Williams-Esque heavy beats, Valiancy’s latest alt-indie pop fix, Good Vibes, delivers what it says on the tin. Not through condescending euphoria peddling tropes, but through exuding nothing but transcendent soul that remains sympathetic to the reasons we need good vibes tracks in the first place.

The songwriter and producer orchestrated a soundscape unique enough to pique your interest and pull you in, yet experimentalism was notably secondary to ensuring that the infusion of harmonic pop vocals and ensnaring alt electro beats became a sure-fire hit of catharsis.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chicago band Geekd are back with the groovy tune of ‘Taylor-Taylor’

Geekd are back with the groovy tune of ‘Taylor-Taylor‘ and this is an indie-rock wonderland of music to spill through the waves of the world and into our lost hearts.

A Chicago neo-psychedelic rock project led by Christian Moreno, Geekd has a sound that could be described as The Addams Family meets Alice in Wonderland and they take us on a vivid journey that sounds like no other. This is a band that make music that inspires.

You wish that you could see her more and she is always on your mind. You dream about her all the time and wish that you were together always. Things can’t be like that right now and this is a tough time but you will rebound and hopefully be together when the time is right,

Taken off the EP ‘The Fairytale Starlight‘, this one of the best singles from this release due to the diverse sounds and outstanding guitar work.

Chicago band Geekd stroll in with a song that could be mistaken for an Oasis riff. They soon show they signature sound and this is a great track, so punchy, the bass gives you shivers and this is one for the books. ‘Taylor-Taylor‘ is a rockin’ theme track for 2020 and this sets the mood nicely whatever the time of the day.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yeos HaZeus rips the chords out with the epic ‘Blacked Out’ (Prod. By NextLane)

Yeos HaZeus rips the chords out with the epic ‘Blacked Out‘ (Prod. By NextLane) and this is a high-tempo Hip Hop track with a fiery beat that impresses.

Based currently in Tokyo, Japan, this is a new school Hip Hop artist that is making a huge name for himself with quality music and this musician works with the best producers too.

You feel like you are going through the motions at the moment, your brain feels blacked out and not normal. The world has been crazy lately and you have just been trying to survive. The time to rejuvenate is coming up soon and you need it bad. You just need to survive for a bit longer. You know you can make it out.

Blacked Out‘ (Prod. By NextLane) from Yeos HaZeus is a trap-filled Hip Hop track that smashes through the speakers and keeps the crowd cheering for more. With a hot beat, the vocals and raps are full of smoke, the clouds simmer through the whole time and you just know that this is a song that you need to listen to. On repeat. This is the sound of 2020’s Hip Hop and like it or not, this is the sound of the youth.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC act Not from Concentrate showcase their growing talent with ska flavored ‘If You’re Wrong’

After over a decade as a band, NYC outfit Not From Concentrate are back with one of their best songs yet on ‘If You’re Wrong‘.

They began as a college ska band in New York City. and over the years, the groups sound and personnel changed, as nature happens. Sticking together, the sound is more alt-rock but of course has that Ska core to the bones of the soul.

After touring the East Coast extensively, the group are looking to add to shows like with the legend King Django. With a respected name, this is a band that is looking to play on awesome stages, with artists they respect.

New York City band Not From Concentrate impress on their latest single ‘If You’re Wrong‘. This is a self-aware track that sets the tone, the vocals are gritty and real, the bands sound grows on you as the song keeps you rocking throughout. With so many stylish and different influences, you get the feeling that this is a band that are truly at one with themselves, and their instruments.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen